That’s hot

That’s hot

: Paris Hilton is going to podcast leading up to the release of her movie House of Wax. The fun starts April 29: “Join Paris and friends as she shops, parties, poses and publicizes…” Warner Brothers is even putting out a custom podcatcher (though I’m not sure why… these people are mad to brand anything). Anyway, if you didn’t think podcasts were hot before, they’re officially hot now.

: Ad Age (NOT ONLINE, DAMN THEM, NOT EVEN FOR A LOYAL SUBSCRIBER LIKE ME) that Superman Returns will also have a podcast.

: Anybody want to start the pool for the date of the first podcast-backlash story?

  • Jon

    Speaking of pods, the political and entertainment worlds are abuzz with discussion and analysis regarding the contents of President Bush’s iPod. The list, released by the White House on Tuesday, reveals a bland and predictable mix of rock classics and country.
    What is much more interesting – and surprising – are the songs comprising Bush’s previously secret playlist…

  • I guess we all knew that once podcasting caught on, as we hoped it would, it would be the end of a brief time when every podcast got the benefit of the doubt for being interesting, fresh, fun, whatever.
    About “House of Wax:” There is no point in remaking this movie if it’s not going to be in 3-D. To add Paris Hilton, who has neither looks nor talent, can only serve to identify the lowest among us.