You won’t see this on Drudge

You won’t see this on Drudge

: Sploid’s take on the pope’s funeral:

Bostonís Cardinal Bernard Law ó who resigned in total disgrace barely two years ago for aggressively protecting a gang of amoral pervert priests who answered only to him ó is one of just nine lucky ducks chosen to preside over John Paul IIís funeral.

  • I think that “promoting the guilty” is common behavior in institutions beset by a siege mentality.
    Remember that the FBI agent supervising the Ruby Ridge operation, Larry Potts, was initially promoted to Acting Deputy Director until outside political pressure ended that? Same principle.

  • Todd Fletcher

    I hope Sploid can keep it up, because so far it’s been a real blast of fresh air. I loved the “Pope-sickle” headline!

  • Derek

    ‘I think that “promoting the guilty” is common behavior in institutions beset by a siege mentality.’
    Other examples: Rumsfelf, Wolfowitz, Rice, Bolton. If fact, GWB himself. The Peters Principle, alive and well! Viva Sploid….

  • Kat

    ‘I think that “promoting the guilty” is common behavior in institutions beset by a siege mentality.’
    John Kerry, Ward Churchill, Rachel Corrie, Dan Rather, Liberal party of Canada, etc.

  • I understand that Sploid has got to keep up the high standards of Wonkette and Fleshbot, but this little squib is praiseworthy because?

  • amyc

    Messers Kerry, Churchill, and Rather were promoted well before any siege mentality had set in on the left. And Derek, I wouldn’t be so proud of being on the side that’s created a siege mentality (in your eyes) in the current administration. Hysterical hatred isn’t attractive or effective.
    Van, this little squib is praiseworthy because it gives insight into the workings and mind set of the Vatican. Mr. Law should likely be in prison for conspiracy, criminal negligence, or possibly accessory after the fact instead of one of the most visible men in what is supposed to be a holy administration. To be honest, this whole week has really creeped me out. The millions lining up to view a corpse. Shades of Lenin.

  • Art direction (well, really art imitation – it’s pseudo EuroTabloid) takes center stage so far at Sploid.
    The “Disgraced Cardinal Leads Pope Funeral” headline is pure anti-Drudge, and the other headlines are spot-on parodies of the Tabs. For what it is – not bad, but derivative; a little bit of Drudge, a little bit of The Sun, a little bit of the Enquirer.
    I do know this: the Denton folder in my Bookmarks is getting pretty full.

  • The first blogger to write “Avoid Sploid” is now the second.

  • Brian

    Next up: amyc says pedophilia victims should be ashamed for their “hysterical hatred” causing the Vatican to embrace a criminal sleazebag like Bernard Law.

  • live by the child molestors, die by the child molestors
    get buried by the child molestors.
    heres hoping the next pope, whoever he is will address this serious problem and work on ways to stop it at its roots.
    they need to at least consider the concept that being a celebate unmarried priest *may* lead to this behavior.
    long live Sploid!

  • Kat

    They may need to consider getting all gays out and realize that being celibate is a huge draw for gay men–safe haven. Let men marry and the queers won’t have a safe place to hide. They should begin by kicking that gay bastard Law out of the church. Live by gays, ruin the church by gays.

  • youre kidding, right?

  • Kat

    Gay priests cited in abuse of boys
    By Julia Duin
    Eighty-one percent of sex crimes committed against children by Roman Catholic priests during the past 52 years were homosexual men preying on boys, according to a comprehensive study

  • button

    Yeah, “pope-sicle” was good! But they still need more Fleet Street Juice. More like that.
    In general, you need to give new bloggers or online publications some time to warm up before they hit their stride. But so far, so good.

  • I think that this is impolitic at best and altogether unwise on the part of the Church.

  • Eighty-one percent of sex crimes committed against children by Roman Catholic priests during the past 52 years were homosexual men preying on boys, according to a comprehensive study
    Well it was certainly generous of the Roman Catholic church to give the study such a large and comprehensive sample size.

  • Heartless

    Ummm, wouldn’t a priest who is having sex with boys be homosexual by definition? I guess if the priest if molesting both boys and girls then you could argue that he is bisexual.
    Not trying to bash anyone here. Just curious about whether you are saying that more than 20% of the victims are girls or what.

  • Kat

    Yes, that is what some of them are claiming-bisexuality. But I would imagine that there are pedophile heterosexual men among priests like there are among all vocations on earth. I just know that a man who diddles teenage boys is queer.
    The numbers vary–some are as high as 98% are gay.
    Homosexuality ó Not Pedophilia ó Is at Center of the Catholic Church Scandal
    By Tres Kerns
    Upwards of 90 percent of the molestations in the Church are situations in which homosexual priests sexually abuse teen-age boys, yet somehow ABC managed to miss the homosexual angle.
    Second, and most important, Jenkinsís analysis indicates that the true nature of the problem in the Catholic Church is not pedophilia, but homosexuality, which can lead to sexual relations with sexually mature but underage boys.
    Neither the media nor the Church have made it clear to the public that most of the abuse cases involve teenage boys, for this would focus the issue on the problems of homosexuality, a topic that is not politically correct. By not making this clear, the media has given the impression that the Catholic Church attracts sick priests who like little children, as opposed to homosexuals who like teenage boys (not a good thing, but not as disgusting as pedophilia).
    No one knows what percentage of clerics is homosexual, partially because it is not easy to define a homosexual, a modern category that contains many hidden, dubious assumptions. Is a homosexual a man who has ever felt the slightest sexual attraction to another male, or a man whose desires are largely directed to other men, or a man whose desires are exclusively directed to other men, or a man who acts on these desires, or a man who structures his personality around these desires?
    Certainly an occasional homosexual desire does not make a man homosexual any more than an attraction to his secretary makes a heterosexual married man an adulterer. Temptations are often given to test the soul. What most people mean by a homosexual is a man who acts on a sexual desire for a man or whose personality is structured around that desire.
    What percentage of clerics are, in fact, homosexuals in any of these senses? Donald Cozzens, the rector of the Cleveland Roman Catholic seminary, in The Changing Face of the Priesthood, quotes figures from 23 percent to 80 percent. He suspects that the priesthood has become or is rapidly becoming a gay profession, one in which heterosexuals are increasingly uncomfortable.