What liberal media?

What liberal media?

: Reporters Without Borders nominates 60 blogs for freedom awards, among them many good bloggers and good friends. But I note that the only Iraqi blog they select is the anti-American Riverbend. Now if they want to nominate her, that’s fine; I get it. But then for Reporters Without Borders to not nominate the many bloggers who have actually reported news in Iraq — but aren’t so anti-Ameerican — is ridiculous… and revealing.

And from this side of the world, this would be my nominee.

  • FC

    How dare they like a blog that disagrees with your politics more than those blogs that agree with you but have less unique content and poorer writing! HOW DARE THEY!@@#!@#!

  • Wasn’t Riverbend outed as being the daughter of a former Saddam administration offical?

  • Hal

    Wasn’t JJ outted as a toady for the right?

  • Riverbend is one of the most pro-Saddam, pro-Baath, pro-Terror, anti-American out-of-touch Iraqi on the web, and I am getting sick of people singling her out as the real Iraqi opinion when she is not and there are so many popular Iraqi blogs (like Jeff pointed out) that proved she is not and they represent the Iraqi opinion (the 8.5 million Iraqi voters).

  • EverKarl

    Before this goes further, let’s note what Jeff actually wrote, shall we?
    “Now if they want to nominate her, that’s fine; I get it.”
    Jeff’s objection is that Riverbend was the only Iraqi blog nominated.
    Iraqis have a range of opinion, just like everywhere else — except maybe at places like Reporters Without Borders.

  • Right Ahmad. As always, thanks, EverKarl.

  • FC

    Ahh, so not liking what the americans have done in Iraq is now “pro-Saddam, pro-Baath, pro-Terror.”
    And, for that piece of feces, “Right.” You should be ashamed.

  • EverKarl, I said “getting sick of people singling her out”! That means why only her and leave the rest.
    FC, no. Not liking americans doesn’t mean pro-Saddam, etc. But if you read what she write you will understand that she is pro-Saddam, pro-Baath, pro-Terror.

  • Cog

    Here was the Al Jazeera feature on Riverbend that lasted about 3 weeks on the main Al Jazeera website in English. Only a week or so on the Arabic one.
    Voice of freedom indeed.

  • Reporters without Borders nominates vile blogs. Quel surprise! Anytime you have an organization whose individual members are turds you get merde as the output.

  • FC

    And yet the feceses slinger returns.
    Please show, using links, that Riverbend supports terrorists, baathists or Saddam. Obviously, you can’t.
    Cog, if Riverbend is telling the truth, how is that not a voice of freedom? Is the only voice of freedom allowed a voice that says “Look at the schools?” Obviously, the only freedom that the 101st fighting keyboarders support is that which agrees with them.
    Vanderleun, what evidence do you have that RWB members are turds? What research have you done into the members of the organization? None?

  • franky

    Calling someone “out of touch Iraqi” from someone who calls themsevles “iraqi expat”?

  • What other blogs are “vile,” Vanderleun? Jay Rosen? FreeNorthKorea.net? Hoder?
    And I would use another word besides “merde” to describe sticking up for persecuted journalists in Cuba, Belarus, Iran and other dictatorial hell-holes. But then, I’ve never really understood the joys of assigning collective guilt.

  • Reporters Without Borders Misreports: “I understand why Reporters Without Borders propagandizes the Palestine Hotel and Al-Jazeera incidents. What I don’t understand is why they don’t realize how it hurts their own cause.”

  • My liberal friends tell me that Riverbend is the only Iraqi whose opinion matters. All others are nonexistent or liars, apparently.
    What makes this so ludicrous is that it always has to be the same one: Riverbend over and over… if Riverbend is so representative, why aren’t there a dozen Riverbends, a hundred Riverbends? Instead, there are a thousand liberals denouncing all other Iraqi voices because there’s only one who’s really saying what they want to hear.

  • LT

    I know this thread(correct terminology?) is moreso about the nominations, and not the actual blog, but anyway…After reading several of the posts at Baghdadburning, I wonder if anyone noticed how contradictory River can be in her writing. Granted, she(?) lives in a difficult time, and a dangerous area, however, I don’t understand her point of view regarding some of her posts. She berates anything that the Americans do, yet is also very critical for not doing enough (not mitigating sunni/shia disputes). She says that the US has conveniently used “insignificant” Zarqawi as a scapegoat for suppressing local populations (fallujah), yet goes on to say that we are responsible for his movement/operations within Iraq. If he’s so insignificant, why should it matter that he be in Iraq? She also complains about poverty and joblessness, yet dispenses no blame to terrorists who deliberately target and intimidate local civilians seeking employment, and civilian workers improving Iraq’s infrastructure. It goes on and on. Instead of emailing her directly, I would like to use this as an opportunity for her, and anyone for that matter, to respond.

  • frankly: Not everyone lives in a place is in touch with its people, otherwise Saddam and Al Sahaf would’ve been in touch. Sahaf, when he was asked about Saddam palaces and mosques after the war on Al Arabia TV, said Iraqis had money and food and there was no poverty, and he was convinced. Of course you would believe him, but we don’t.
    I said that the other Iraqi blogd that Jeff mentioned proved that they are more in touch, they travel around Iraq and the get people opinions.
    I didn’t claim that I am in touch! And I have said that in my blog and quote: “I know Iraq, I know its people and I have seen the wars and sanctions. However, I must say, even though I hear and read a lot about the current situation there and I have relatives and friends there, I know that people have changed and I can only imagine how it feels to be there now.”

  • FC:
    I don’t have the time or the energy or the will to go through Riverbend’s blog just to show you that she is pro-Saddam, etc. The problem with people like yourself is that unless some say the word, say pro-Saddam, you would always say they are not, even if they defend him!
    E.g. If I smile when I hear an american die, you would think, I just smiled; but others would know that I am happy to see an american die. That is the difference between right and left, between right and riverbend, between right and wrong. You see the world through blurred glasses, take them off.
    LT, get used to this contradictory way of writing and thinking. That is the standard of most anti-americans; e.g. they believe in conspiracy theories, yet they support and praise the instruments used in that theory. They just don’t realise how stupid that make them look. E.g. they say OBL is created by Americans, yet they praised him! There are so many other examples.

  • Sorry Jeff this take too much, but this is good and I just remembered it:
    I was talking to an Iraqi anti-American once, and I asked him, do you want the Americans to leave, he said no that would be disasterous; then I said do you support their attacker, he said yes!!! He supported what he thought was resistance, yet at the same time he wanted Americans to stay!!! Can someone explain this?
    True story.

  • Eileen

    Nice to hear from you. I’ve been concerned for your welfare. The last time Riverbend’s blog was a topic here, I invited her to participate but she chooses not to. She did, however, respond to my challenging questions via mail and perhaps she’d answer you as well.
    Thanks for your voice, Ahmad.

  • LT

    hey Eileen,
    good to hear from you too. I’ve just been terribly busy lately. Not much time to comment. I do still read the posts however. Hope all is well with you guys. We’re are still doin good things over here. Tryin to be safe and win hearts and minds.

  • FC

    Ahmad, you wrote that “But if you read what she write you will understand that she is pro-Saddam, pro-Baath, pro-Terror.” But you also wrote that “I don’t have the time or the energy or the will to go through Riverbend’s blog just to show you that she is pro-Saddam, etc.”
    Apparently, if you read what she write, you don’t actually understand that. Why did you lie to everyone, Ahmad?

  • FC, lie? I lied? What make you say that? Cause I said “I don’t have the time or the energy or the will to go through Riverbend’s blog just to show you that she is pro-Saddam, etc.”?
    Yes I said that, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read what she wrote. I read her posts when she posts them, but I don’t have the time, energy and will “now” to read it all again just to prove a point to some ***** who will never change his mind!
    People like you FC will always be few steps behind.

  • FC

    It’s important enough for you to whinge about here, but it’s not important enough for you to spend 5 minutes finding a single pro-saddam, pro-terrorist, pro-baath thing she’s ever said?
    You’re a liar, plain and simple. You’ve given us all your “out,” and now you’re going to stick to it. No matter how much other whining about people you disagree with being for the terrorists you do in the future, you’ll never quite find the time to give us one thing to back up any of your so-called “facts.” You make things up in the hopes people don’t call you on them, and when you do, you pretend that you are so busy, you don’t have one free minute to substantiate your points.
    I’ve seen it before, and I’ll see it again.