Fill the damned hole

Fill the damned hole

: The NY Post’s Steve Cuozzo has, more than anyone in New York media, kept pushing officials to keep moving on building the new World Trade Center. Yesterday, the paper gave over its editorial pages to a sharp poke in the eye of politicians and bureaucrats who have let the process grind to a shameful halt.

While all eyes were turned to the fight over the West Side stadium, redevelopment at the far more vital World Trade Center site crawled to a virtual halt….

More than 31/2 years since 9/11, all the various projects for which designs have been approved and publicized appear bogged down to different degrees. The need to “start filling the damned hole” ó as one very involved, very exasperated executive put it ó has fallen subordinate to turf battles and bean-counting on all sides….

Now, insiders privately doubt that the tower can be completed by its announced 2009 target (itself a quiet retreat from the 2008 date that Pataki promised two years ago).

At this rate, if history is any guide, the city’s skyline will still have a void where the Twin Towers used to be, 10 years after the attack ó and maybe 15.

Just the day before, I came through the PATH station, as I often do, and I shook my head at the lack of activity there and at the scar of the Deutsche Bank Building carcas still standing. The only good news there has been the reopening of PATH and the building of WTC 7, which is now the bright and shining exception.

  • John

    When the World Trade Center towers were originally completed in the 1970s, it took over a decade for them to finish the interior sections of the underground concourse, and 15 years to finally get the IRT subway station rehabilitated from all the construction that went on above ground and next to the tunnel.
    So the powers that be have a poor history at the site of getting anything done on time, and the battle on how to restore 8 million square feet of office space in an area only 50 percent the size of the former site (due to the memorial area set-aside) means the rebuilding could take just as long the second time around.

  • Dishman

    Via Vodkapundit:
    Rebuilt bigger

  • Perhaps you were expecting anything large to get done in the city without going through the required 10 year argument.

  • Is it too late for government to buy out the owner and all of the lease-holders for the site and turn the whole thing into the memorial park it should have been to begin with?
    You’d think with the way we’ve fetishized the 9/11 attacks we could spare a couple billion to give the people who died a proper final resting place, instead of some idiot compromise between reverence and Mammon.

  • Eileen

    How about a National park/memorial on the entire site…with tower lights every evening? Make it a constant reminder of those who paid so dearly, and a perpetual tribute to the preciousness of our freedom.