Reason to celebrate

Reason to celebrate

: April Fool’s Day is almost over. I hate April Fool’s posts.

  • The thing is, everyone’s absolutely convinced they can replicate the prankedy goodness that is April Fool’s in Cyberspace, when it just isn’t happening.

  • Steel Magnolia

    You mean you’re really serious about this polling thing?

  • Todd David

    Reuters to host Blog debate
    In New York and looking for something blog related to attend, then why now check out Reuters ìBlogs and the Media Debateî. Reuters has convened a panel of experts to discuss the impact of blogs in journalism and the media, followed by a discussion and drinks reception.
    WHEN: 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm, Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
    WHERE: The Reuters Building, (42ND Street and 7th Avenue), 3 Times Square, 30th Floor, New York NY 10036
    Panel convenes at 6.15pm, followed by open audience discussion and a cocktail reception.
    The issues being discussed include; Are bloggers journalists? Should they be afforded the same rights as journalists?, With blogs central to the recent resignations of top journalists, is anyone holding bloggers to account?, Do blogs have a vital role in the national debate?, Are blogs seeking the truth and exposing poor journalism or are they being used as campaigning tools to advance particular causes or points of view?
    The panel includes Paul Holmes, Global Editor, General & Political News, Reuters, Stephen Baker Senior Writer, IT Group, BusinessWeek, Jay Rosen, Author,, & Associate Professor Halley Suitt, Bryan Keefer Assistant Managing Editor, Columbia Journalism Review Daily, Garrett Graff, 1st White House Accredited Blogger, everyones favourite blogger Dave Winer, Editor, Scripting News and John Fund, Columnist,

  • Nelson G

    Someone tried an April Fool’s Joke on a message board. It didn’t go over well. When most of us saw it/what he posted, it was the day before. Say “No” to Aprils Fools Joke on Message Boards.

  • EverKarl

    If you prefer the 24/7 kind of fool, click here and scroll down to 4:14 p.m.