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Making Google transparent

Making Google transparent

: Private Radio’s routine that scrapes and analyzes GoogleNews’ sources keeps getting better and better.

Pope worsens

Pope worsens

: I’m at MSNBC’s Connected at 5p ET. Was going to do more Schiavo blog links. Sudden switch to the pope as his condition worsens. If you see any good blog notes, please do leave a link the comments.

: Note that bloggers are quoting CNN saying that the Pope received last rites. A theologian called the producer of the show as I hung out saying that’s wrong; he received rites for the infirm (I may be getting the exact name wrong). No confirmation either way on this question but it is a question.

: Later: Not being Catholic, I clearly got the paragraph above wrong. FoxNews said this is known as the last rites.

Bad taste award

Bad taste award

: FinkTank3000 discovers that the American Family Association puts up Terri Schaivo merchandise. Get your bumperstickers: “Remember Terri Schaivo.”.

Oh, and by the way, if the judges strictly interpreted law and supported state’s rights, what makes them liberal?

Terri Schiavo dies

Terri Schiavo dies

: She has died. I’ll be doing the MSNBC blog roundup at noon. I’m seeing many prayers but also much anger.

: MSNBC just reported that Bush will make a live statement about Schiavo at the start of a statement about WMD. He doesn’t make live statements about the soldiers who die in Iraq but he makes a statement about this.

Her death is political to the end.

: A few of the links I’m finding: goes all black: R.I.P. Terri.

This site has a photo, graphic tribute prints the lyrics from the hymn What Wondrous Love is This. says: “Our society has shown its true colors for allowing this to happen and the true after effects of 25 years of Roe v Wade.” says: “Truly, the death of Terri Schiavo diminishes us all.” says that Terri’s will prevailed. ‘I believe that you prevailed. I will not say rest in peace, you have rested in peace far too long, bound to this earth in a broken mind and body. But now you are free to soar, to walk again and talk with your maker.”

Keepstumblin says: “I suspect she will posthumously become the poster child for the cause, her husband will continue to be demonized by these people, and her parents will be portrayed as long suffering (which they are, but not for the reasons they should be) and saintly. It’s my hope that everyone involved in this unfortunate situation will come to terms with both Terri’s death and the actions of those on both sides of the debate. It would be too bad if this entire saga only resulted in more misunderstanding, mistrust, and anger.”

On media coverage:

A comment at “And perhaps some mention is warranted that regardless of what her wishes may have ultimately been — I strongly suspect that to spend her dying days at the centre of a media circus was not among them.”

Tributaries says: “May she rest in peace. GOd knows the living shan’t from now on.”

A lonely impulse of delight at

“Iíd like to go a day without seeing a woman who has been brain-dead for 15 years on the front page of the newspaper and the MSN home page on my computer.”

The Bull Speaks says:

“Perhaps now Terriís parents can let her go and perhaps the Nation can begin to heal from this media-driven horror story.”

: LATER: Intolerant Elle quotes Bush on the death of Terri Schaivo: “The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak.”

A good reason to support universal health insurance.

Giving God a bad name

Giving God a bad name

: The front page of The New York Times today reports that religious leaders from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity came together in a rare meeting and rarer agreement in Jerusalem to unite in a single cause.

What cause could that be? Peace in the Middle East? Regaining God-given freedom in the Middle East? An end to economic despair in some parts of the Middle East? A call to condemn terrorism as murder?

No. Gay bashing. Bigotry. Hatred. That’s what brought them together. They oppose a gay pride event in Jerusalem:

“They are creating a deep and terrible sorrow that is unbearable,” Shlomo Amar, Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi, said yesterday at a news conference in Jerusalem attended by Israel’s two chief rabbis, the patriarchs of the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches, and three senior Muslim prayer leaders. “It hurts all of the religions. We are all against it.”

Abdel Aziz Bukhari, a Sufi sheik, added: “We can’t permit anybody to come and make the Holy City dirty. This is very ugly and very nasty to have these people come to Jerusalem.” …

When the first WorldPride festival was held five years ago in Rome, religious opposition came from the Vatican, while secular opposition came from a neo-Fascist group that vowed to hold a counterdemonstration. But the neo-Fascists canceled their demonstration, the march came off peacefully, and even a few center-right politicians joined many thousands of marchers.

One day later, however, Pope John Paul II appeared on a balcony over St. Peter’s Square and delivered a message expressing his “bitterness” that the gay festival had gone forward, calling it an “offense to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of Catholics across the world.”

For shame.