GoogleNews: Whose news?

GoogleNews: Whose news?

: Let’s start reporting on GoogleNews. As you find questionable sites scraped by Google, please list them in the comments on this post. See post below on Google’s nazi site. If Google isn’t transparent, let’s report on Google. Obviously, we won’t all agree on what’s questionable but let’s use our collective effort and wisdom to judge GoogleNews’ judgment. I’m not suggesting that there should be an orthodoxy of news or certification of news, but some of these sites are just ridiculous.

Case in point:

Geologists in the East and West coasts are busy understanding a new theory that shows possible underground UFO bases all around the world….

According to this theory, the UFO bases need to be deep under the ground because the UFO crafts need to be close to the mantle of the earth. Servicing of these crafts can be done in that electromagnetic environment only.

Film at 11.