Posts from March 20, 2005

Another popular movement for freedom

Another popular movement for freedom

: Rebecca MacKinnon reports that Chinese students are protesting online censorship.

Yahoo buys Flickr

Yahoo buys Flickr

: The news is on Flickr’s blog. Discussion here, where honcho Caterina Fake explains:

So you’re asking: why are you being acquired? Why Yahoo?

We thought about lots of ways to keep Flickr going, growing, and

getting better. We considered taking VC money, more angel

investment, bootstrapping it and selling.

When Yahoo first approached us eons ago, we were pretty

skeptical. But after meeting the people on the Yahoo team and

getting a picture of where they were going, we got religion.

Maybe that’s too strong. We realized we were all eating at the

same church potluck.

The things that were important to us were: being open, building

innovative stuff and kicking ass. Were these people OUR people?

Yes. See the stuff Yahoo’s announced recently (including, of

course,this)? They’re evolving in really interesting ways —

and from our look inside, we know know that there’s a lot more


Yahoo won’t be the Yahoo you’ve come to take for granted.

Competition (with that other company with two O’s in its name)

has done great things for Yahoo. Dude.

I wonder whether this could be the antibubble: rather than going for the next round of financing and the IPO, they sought haven in a big (still kinda new) company with benfits, adminstration, and cool hats. I think that bodes well for other smart start-ups: It’s no longer just about an exit strategy. It’s about a safety strategy. And that will work only if the acquiring company is smart enough to let the acquired company grow: Everything AOL bought disappeared. Everything the old Yahoo bought (see: and the billions that allowed Mark Cuban to become an obnoxious rich man) disappeared. But when Google bought Blogger, it got better. Can happen. Let’s hope.

: More from Jeremy Zowodny and Jeff Clavier.

: LATER: Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Barry Diller is buying fifth-rank search-engine ASK for $2 billion.

: On Flickr and Yaho, Dave Winr says it should have been the other way around.

Skype goes every-which-way

Skype goes every-which-way

: Skype just added Skype-In numbers: You get a phone number so anyone can call you on your PC. It costs 30 Euros a year. Skype already had Skype-Out, allowing you to call any phone. And, of course, Skype is free PC to PC.

I can’t wait for Skype video.

Help Jay Rosen

Help Jay Rosen

: If anybody out there is an Economist suscriber (do I hang in such a tony crowd), Jay Rosen needs to see the text from this story: The government’s ìnewsî broadcasts. Can you help him? (I let my subscription lapse, sadly.) His email is listed here.

Thanks. Mission accomplished.

Critical mass

Critical mass

: Rick Bruner discovers that Blogspot blogs alone get more traffic than (according to the iffy Alexa). Makes the purchase make more sense, eh?