What liberal media?

What liberal media?

: There’s a most curious story in The Times today about Democrats.com‘s efforts to have media join a conference call to hear their side of things. They have no idea whether media actually called in. I’ve not seen any stories about the call. So there’s no way to know whether this is a success. Yet The Times devotes considerable attention to it on the front of the business section.

The larger story is a good and interesting one: Are conservatives doing a better job than liberals at using the blogosphere to investigate and spread stories and get them into mainstream media?

But this conference call thing is just a blip.

I called into one of them — subject: Jeff Gannon — because MSNBC was going to have a discussion mentioning it with Bob Cox and Ameriblog Americablog and I was to join in via blogcast. It all got preempted when the Pope burped. I got into the call a bit late and also hung around after the official part was over and I heard the participants asking with great anticipation whether any reporters had actually called in. None showed themselves.

So it just seems odd to me that this odd venture gets so much attention in The Times. That’s all I’m saying: It’s odd.

: By the way, I never did compliment The Times for its story last week on the Apple-v-blogger case: It was a good and blogsmart story that went to great sources, including Susan Crawford and Jack Balkin (quoted again today).

: Joe Gandleman comments on the conference-call story.