Media on media

Media on media

: Supposed to be on Larry Kudlow’s show tonight at 5p ET with Roger L. Simon. I really enjoyed my last visit and conversation with him. Hell, he’s a blogger, of course I would.

: UPDATES: I do like doing Kudlow’s show. He is genuinely enthusiastic about blogs; he reads them and likes them and appreciates them.

Here’s a transcript of the show. Considering how fast I talk sometimes, I don’t want to read it….

  • richard mcenroe

    Thing about radio and television news is, I’m living on blog time and they always seem to be a week behind the curve… good interview though, but I heard the same things from you and Roger last week. Maybe you should encourage people to go online at these things and cut the wait…

  • Hovig

    Kudlow likes blogs? Um, how about, he writes one? See Kudlow’s Money Politics, with a recent post which mentions Mr Jarvis himself, Tonight’s Lineup.

  • Dan

    Larry obviously gets it. How long till he’s mentioning blog commenters? And, who will be the first to lure Wretchard onscreen?