: I hope you’ve all seen the ridiculous Norwegian PC argument that the figures in Ikea’s instructions should not all be male, while Ikea argues that it can’t have women in instructions in Muslim countries. Wow: a PC war.

From now on, all Ikea furniture will be built by Pat.

  • thc

    I think we’ve all gotten just a little hypersensitive. And, the last thing I bought from Ikea required putting a tiny screw through a tiny hole. My fat male fingers had a tough time with it.

  • richard mcenroe

    Oh, I don’t know, women in burqas working with nail guns and wood staplers, could be amusing… of course, they’d keep hanging around the job site…

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Good God…does EVERYTHING have to devolve into a gender/race/religeous/political issue?
    Make the assembler figure a little cartoon anthropomorphic allen wrench wearing a hard hat and boots.
    Or use a gender-free robot, or would that offend uppity Luddites?

  • The solution is a cartoon character. All we’d have to do is to identify a kind of animal which doesn’t offend anyone’s sensibilities. Mebbe a rabbit would do it.

  • richard mcenroe

    Steven den Best

  • Brian H

    Who is Pat? That link goes to a blank page.

  • oops. old saturday night live routine in which julia sweeney played a character without any discernable gender.

  • Dave F

    Don’t get them started on Ikea product names: Billy, Ivar, and all their buddies…

  • I guess our silly PC armed forces had better stop kowtowing to Muslim sensibilities while we’re at it, eh, Jeff:
    It is evident to most seasoned Middle East observers that women soldiers and Marines are needed to handle the Arab women where it is sacrilegious for an infidel to even look at an uncovered Muslim woman. It has been reported by many news media sources that women Marines accompanied the 1st Marine Division into Falluja to deal with the Arab women found in the combat zone.
    Or is it only funny when it’s European furniture companies who enable ass-backwards religious nonsense?

  • pr

    Was “Pat” that long ago that the joke has to be explained….am I that old already aaaahhhhh

  • hey

    the problem is that they are using a stick figured representation that has no discernable gender.
    but everyone knows that an ungendered stick figure is a man while one wearing a skirt is a woman.. god this is stupid