: Got up at the crack of dawn this morning to pretape another blog segment about Michael Jackson for MSNBC dayside. Then came breaking news in Atlanta: a shooting in the courthouse (killing a judge and a court reporter). I heard the anchor who’d interviewed me say that they were waiting for the helicopter shots. Oh, no, when the helicopter arrives, that’s it: wall-to-wall coverage. So reaction to Michael Jackson in court got bumped by murder in court. Can’t argue with that news judgment….

  • And a good thing that is. Michael Jackson’s irrelevant — you’ve said so here, before. I think if MSNBC does ask you for blogger reactions to Michael Jackson, you should be upfront and acknowledge that virtually no-one outside of cable news and tabloids cares.

  • Steven: I did say that indeed and also quoted David Weinberger’s sharp quote, on the earlier post below.

  • “Can’t argue with that news judgment…”
    Perhaps not, but one can argue with the news judgment of shows that pump Jackson pap at the drop of a pajama bottom, and the willing commentators who chime in at a producer’s phone call.

  • One could also argue with the utility of constant monitoring of the outside of a courthouse from 300 feet above via a helicopter. This is reportage?

  • tim

    i find it interesting the lack of chatter about the jackson case vs. the OJ case.