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The deaf TV critic

The deaf TV critic

: Atrios turns TV critic… with the sound off.

He gives me a bad review.

I’m thinking he’s just jealous because I was talking about Kos instead of him. Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy.

Bipartisan blogging

Bipartisan blogging

: Yesterday, here and on MSNBC’s Connected, I celebrated the bipartisan blog opposition to the bankruptcy bill and now it’s an official movement from Politology, backed by both DailyKos and Instapundit.

: This will be a topic on a blog roundup again today… after Michael Jackson, of course.

All Jacko all the time!

All Jacko all the time!

: I was supposed to be on MSNBC this afternoon to talk about blogs and Rather the morning after, but I got bumped by continuous Jacko coverage: Dan’s final indignity.

Just turned on the TV and saw that Jackson came late and there was a bench warrant for his arrest. ‘

He showed up wearing pajama bottoms (aha! he’s a blogger!) and slippers.

A legal analyst just said that the judge may revoke Jacko’s bail. He said we’d get some indication whether that has happened when he goes to the bathroom, for he is usually accompanied by his bodyguards, but if he’s accompanied by sheriff’s deputies, then we’ll know he’s under lock-and-key.

And, yes, we are getting to the point of covering Michael Jackson’s bathroom visits.

Turns out I’m now going to be on MSNBC today, after all: All Jacko, all the time.

Trolling for blog posts (which are not as plentiful as, say, bankruptcy-bill posts) I found this, for your amusement.

: There’s a thread of complaint in blogs about coverage of Jackson. See David Weingerger, lolling around in a posh European spa:

I’m in a hotel room in Madrid listening to CNN. What’s the lead story? Michael Jackson was late to court.

How do the journalists there — people who got into the business because they are committed to an informed democracy — feel about this outlandish pandering?

See Nashville Files:

No wonder people are not paying attention to the main stream media anymore.

See Monkey McGee:

I know this isn

And then there was none

And then there was none

: On yesterday’s MediaCenter webcast called The Vanishing Newspaper, the author of a book by the same title, Philip Meyer, gave lots of illuminating stats from his study of the relation between quality and credibility on one axis and circulation and success on the other.

He showed a chart with declining newspaper readership and said that if you continue that line, the last reader recycles the last paper in 2040 — April, 2040, to be exact.

I joked that I think that’s about the time Social Security will go bust. There’ll be a lot of very hungry former reporters. (It’s hard to get a laugh on a webcast.)

Meyer also said that these charts tend to level off but he could also see it accelerating.

TV needs link-love, too

TV needs link-love, too

: I’ve been doing these MSNBC Connected blog reports for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed something interesting happening: Folks who get mentioned are mentioning it on their blogs… but only if they have something to link to. Trey Jackson, Crooks & Liars, and Ian Schwartz put up the video or I put up links and then people have something to link to and they do, giving this new show the publicity it wants. The moral to the story: TV needs permalinks, too. TV news operations should be putting up every story — not show, story — with text and links so they can join in the conversation.