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Connected links

: Here are the links I’m likely to use on this afternoon’s Connected on MSNBC at 5p ET:

: We’ll talk about Dan Rather’s last night, of course. Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice joins much buzz about Walter Cronkite’s snarky remarks about Dan (he’d have replaced him years ago… he says Rather played a role). Says Joe: Rather was “a bit infected with the Geraldo Rivera syndrome… look and see how it impacts me and how brave and how much I care.”

Lost Remote reported that a Michigan station was holding a poll to let viewers decide whether to air a Rather tribute. But they suddenly took it down: “We were simply trying to maintain the great tradition of local viewer input that is the foundation of our modern day broadcasting system. It was never our intent to embarrass Mr. Rather or the CBS Network. We have always valued our over 50 year relationship with the CBS network and look forward to many more years of our affiliation.” Nevermind.

JiBlog has a lullaby for Dan:

Wherever you may go

No matter where you are

Blogs never will be far away

: I’ll talk about the furor over the bankruptcy bill coming from both left and right, much of it aimed at this sweetheart deal for credit-card companies. DailyKos is taking names of hinge-heeled Democrats and says that Biden — now representing the state of MBNA — has screwed his presidential ambition.

Talking Point Memo’s fill-in bloggers have been doing a great job rounding up the opposition .

And I’ll quote Glenn Reynolds’ opposition to the bill and that of the Republicans. Glenn says it is “consistent with the worst stereotypes about corporate-friendly Republicanism.”

What’s great about this is not only that we have the right and left in agreement — the people vs. the powerful — but also that we have liberals criticizing liberals and conservatives criticizing conservatives. What echo chamber?

: I’ll also talk about the case of Hiawatha Bray.

  • MWB

    Will Dan be writing, “The Blogosphere Never Blinks” in retirement?

  • Tyrone

    Mr. Jarvis, the bankruptcy bill is not such a tragedy or a giveaway to corporate interests. Just because someone easy to hate benefits from a bill does not mean the bill is no good, this is not a zero sum society.
    Bankruptcy is still an option under Chapter 13 for those with limited access to Chapter 7 under this law. Why shouldn’t people who actually have assets pay some of their obligations? Especially when lower income and asset owning people still have the bankruptcy option?
    Maybe we all benefit if people are expected to pay their bills and not abuse the system to the detriment of the neediest among us.
    A scandal you might get more exited about is how many well to do older people give away their assets so that Medicaid pays for their nursing home bills. So their children keep all the goodies and Medicaid is not available to the needy.
    The common thread is that lawyers love the easy bankruptcy rules, and they also have a lucrative practice advising clients to stiff Medicaid for nursing home bills that they and their families could afford to pay if they weren’t so greedy.
    Lawyers don’t get rich from virtue. Why do so many liberals now favor the lawyers over the needy?

  • i still don’t get all the hullabaloo over dan rather. who watches network news? who cares that he hams it up a little much? and as far as the “most biased journalist” thing, is he really all that different from most of fox news’ talking heads?
    is it really worth gloating over that blogtopia pushed him into early retirement? whoopee.

  • tim

    nice piece on msnbc.

  • I didn’ watch Dan sign off. because…who cares? So what?
    I have 90 minutes to talk to preservice teachers how to combat racism and classism. How to demand the best from kids in tough situations. Hello. Welcome to the front lines. being a journalistic looks like a vacation compared to what I do now. Journalism DIDN’T matter everyday. You coudl screw up one day, and so what.
    But what I do now doesn’t have that luxury. I’m shocked and amazed at the level of hype we have about “news” and “journalism.”
    do babies die because of what your basic reporter at your basic newspaper does? I doubt it. But kids in classroom will not read on grade level unless I do my job right.
    Newsguys…get over it. You are the fourth estate. Because it’s fourth.

  • rivlax

    What’s so bad about making people live up to their financial obligations? Why shouldn’t people have to pay their bills? I’m disappointed in left and right alike, you and Glenn, for trying to let deadbeats off the hook. If you owe, dammit, you should have to pay.

  • richard mcenroe

    As long as Congress has the time to hold hearings on freaking baseball players and steroids, how about hearings into credit card company practices?