You know you’re getting old when…

You know you’re getting old when…

: One of those incredibly safe, old-fogey music specials on PBS actually appeals to you. No, it’s not Yanni or, Lord knows, Lawrence Welk. It’s the Mamaps & Papas.

: Somebody in the voiceover is calling Michelle “the slurp of the age.”

  • Donna V.

    I’m still very fond of “California Dreaming.” And Mama Cass had a great voice.
    No, Jeff, I don’t think the Mamas & the Papas are something to be ashamed of. I do draw the line, though, at Peter, Paul and Mary.
    As some wise sage (I think it was Dave Barry) once said: “If I had a hammer, I’d use it on Peter, Paul and Mary.”

  • re:Michelle Phillips – “I saw her again last night, and you know…” she now looks like a comfortable upper middle class woman, very gracious.
    I learned something – I’d never realized that Adler, Phillips, Johny Rivers, and Paul Simon put up most of the money for Monterrey Pop. Just shows how far you can go with a good idea and a little financial backing.
    And I learned that my 16 year old punkrock daughter – and my wife who *ahem* wasn’t old enough to remember them – both really got into the vocal harmonies M&P sang.
    And can someone explain to me why Denny Doherty, who had one of the best voices EVER in pop, was never a big solo star on his own?

  • You should never admit to something like that. lol

  • Hey, I think it’s great PBS is finally doing an interesting special — so look at it that way. I worked with Michelle Phillips a little over a decade ago. She was one of the most well known in the cast and yet one of the nicest (don’t get me started on Jennifer Lopez, who was then an unknown annoying PITA). We got into an argument about Streisand (I foolishly for, way back then) and Michelle felt she hadn’t had a well produced album since her third one; it was hilarious and fun. She was real.

  • Thanks to that special on PBS, I’m buying a greatest hits CD of the Mamas and The Papas. It was fantastic!

  • Adam

    There’s no need to feel old for enjoying a syrupy PBS music special. I watched it too and I’m 26. Granted it’s few and far between, but PBS does occasionally shake out its self-rightous, banausic and arid bones to reveal a true love of music culture beyond strictly americana.
    I remember they showed a fantastic documentary on the history of punk rock when I was in high school. It was better than most documentaries you’ll see on actual music television networks.
    I just wish PBS could display such vehement relevance in everything it does.

  • Mike

    You needed that to realize that you were getting old??? Do you have mirrors in your house?

  • Mike

    Just kidding. Couldn’t resist the opportunity.

  • Jaybird

    A *REAL* Democrat wouldn’t disclose this information but would instead have taken an opportunity to wonder why the Republicans were responsible for so many years of Lawrence Welk on PBS in the first place and talking triumphantly about how the tide has finally turned and now there is some genuine “blue state” singers on PBS for once.
    Just sayin’.

  • I realize this speaks poorly for myself AND PBS……but every time I see an appealing music-oriented program listed, I just automatically assume (rightly or wrongly) that it must be pledge month and that there will be pledge breaks throughout the show. So I usually decide to cut my losses and watch a movie.

  • I have been a M&P fan since the late 60s when I was a hippie teen. They were an excellent ground-breaking group and there’s no reason to be ashamed of liking them, any more than say, Jimi Hendrix.
    I saw them in person once. I like to brag that I saw all the dead rock stars as a teen. I saw the Stones with Brian Jones, I saw the Doors with Jim Morrison, I saw Hendrix, and I saw the M&Ps with Mama Cass. (Line for autographs forms at the right…..)