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To the barricades, bloggers — yet again

To the barricades, bloggers — yet again

: The Global Voices blog reports that Jeff Ooi, the pioneering (and charming) Maylasian blogger, was taken in for questioning regarding a blog post. This is the dark side of blogs getting attention in the wrong countries.



: I’m scheduled to do two blogcasts from Buzzmachine World Headquarters on MSNBC’s Connected between 5 and 6p ET — one on winds of change in the Middle East as soon through blogs there, the other a blog round-up, including the Oscars.

Here are the links I talked about (since some didn’t show up on the screen and I blew a few). My notes for the segments:

Egypt: Links here.


This is moving fast and we’re seeing comment and coverage from Lebanon. This is being called the “Cedar Revolution” (after the velvet and orange revolutions).

Across the Bay says:

“The popular pressure has managed to topple a cabinet without a single act of violence or bloodshed. It’s a proud moment for the Lebanese people.”

Cave Man in Beirut says:

“The government has fallen. And now the fun begins.”

bahrain1.jpgBahrain: Links here.

(Note the new pictures up at Chan’ad Bahraini; these are brave souls.)

Hillary Clinton:

Daniel Owen at Oval Office 2008 says:

Joe Biden… says of Hillary, “she is … the elephant in the living room. She’s the big deal.” “I don’t know how you beat her for the Democratic nomination,” added former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, “she’s a rock star.”

Oscars left and right:

Even the reviews of the show are turning into a red-state-v.-blue-state shtick.

Jeralyn Meritt at complaints that Robin Williams efforts to sing a song making fun of censorship was censored so much that he had to kill it.

But over at the conservative blogs….

LaShawn Barber at complains:

“What happened to class and civility? Chris Rock said,

Who’s afraid of the big, bad blogger

Who’s afraid of the big, bad blogger

: Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman writes today that he’s afraid of bloggers. Not shivering in his boots but fearful nonetheless about all the usual qualms: are we journalists, are we trustworthy, etc., etc.

Let me try to put your mind at ease, Jon. Stop thinking of us as bloggers. Think of us as plain people — readers, men-on-the-street, sources — who happen to blog. That’s all we really are: the people. And the people know stuff. So it’s good you now have a way to find out what we know. If you use it wisely, it will improve your reporting because you’ll know more and then your readers will know more and then we’ll all hug and light our Bics and sing.

By the way, for anyone coming here from Jon’s column, there’s an error in it: It says that Bill Keller of The Times has asked his editors to get together with bloggers to talk about all this. I’m the one who asked that, not Bill. But you can read our email exchange here.

To the barricades, bloggers (again)

To the barricades, bloggers (again)

: Middle-Eastern regimes are discovering blogs… and jailing bloggers. Two are in jail in Iran (and one is in exile). Now a Bahraini blogger has been arrested for what he wrote on his blog. His “crimes:”

1. Defaming the royalty

2. Inciting hatred towards the regime

3. Publishing news to destabilize security (“تزعزع الأمن”)

4. Violating the Press Laws

5. Violating the Communication Laws

Much more on the case here. The arrested blogger’s site is here.

The Oscars we didn’t see

The Oscars we didn’t see

: Chris Rock acted like he was visiting his grandmother. He couldn’t be him. He had to worry about obnoxious prigs like Sean Penn giving him crap for a Jude Law joke. Jeesh.

: On Howard this morning, Artie Lang said a pal of his wrote a joke for Rock that Rock was too nervous to use. The introduction of Halle Berry he should have made: “Our next presenter has lost more men than the Iraqi army.”

: And getaloada of the fracas over the producers’ efforts to edit a ditty that Robin Williams was going to sing [via TalkLeft]:

Overnight, Mr. Shaiman and his partner, Scott Wittman, dashed off a mock expos