Real webcasting history

Real webcasting history

: Forget about all my MSNBC games. The big wecasting event today is the start of the King of All Blacks show. Howard Stern has been threatening to start a show with him on Sirius. That’ll guarantee a million new subs, huh?

  • Jerry G

    Thanks for the link. I especially enjoyed the autoloading, within 3 seconds of arrival, of a video of correspondent Genie Marie asking a woman whether “she takes it in the butt.” Ahhh, the future. I can just *taste* the innovation.

  • Like it or not, things will get a lot raunchier once this process opens up a little. There is just too large a differential between the lives that people live and the lives that are represented in popular media.
    I mean assf***ing does happen, doesn’t it? And a lot more people want to hear about it than will probably admit.
    (Sorry if this is going in a direction that you didn’t intend, Jeff. But hey, the FCC isn’t watching, is it?)

  • Tom O.

    Hey, sorry for the off-topic post here but I had to get this info out: Robot Wisdom is BACK!

  • C’mon Jeff. KOAB’s post was excellent.

  • J. Peden

    A-ha, the enemy circle jerk revealed!