Help! Papal blog posts needed!

Help! Papal blog posts needed!

: MSNBC just changed the show to do a full hour on the pope and I need any blog posts or sites about this. Please, please give me comments here.

: Watching MSNBC now I saw Dr. Joyce Brothers actually break down about it. Strange moment of TV.

  • VodkaPundit had a quick comment about it here.
    I don’t know what kind of role the blogosphere plays or even can play in something like this. It seems to me that even if he were to pass away, the nature of the Conclave would prevent any information other than pure speculation to be traded.

  • Tom
    This may steer you in the right direction

  • EverKarl

    Here’s Jonah Goldberg at the Corner wondering whether the Pope was thinking about blogs recently.
    I’d also search technorati, yes?

  • not a blog but Manhattan User’s Guide dedicated his entire missive to the pope today.

  • Nichelle

    from my friend and comedian Carolyn Castiglia
    an excerpt:
    Dude – I said it last week at a show and I’m gonna say it right here on the blog – I seriously think PJP is gonna kick it, you guys! Woah. This is the moment my generation of Catholics has been waiting for since we were born: a chance to take back the night! This could mean the chance for Catholicism to get its ass out of the dark ages and step into the light – giving women the right to be priests and priests and gays (or even gay priests, gawd fabid…) the right to get married, and of course preaching family planning beyond the rhythm method (which we all know has worked so well over the years – just ask my husband and his 9 other siblings.)

  • Not a blog, but… Peggy Noonan about the Pope and suffering. From February 10.
    Really good.

  • Jeff, if you haven’t set one up already, here’s a pubsub search on “Pope AND Tracheotomy”:
    Some results are from blogs but many are from Yahoo!, etc.

  • Not really a post, more like a heads up. Follow the link in question for a guide to Pope John-Paul II’s thoughts on the role of communication in today’s Church.

  • Kat

    Michelle, I think the Church learned a hard lesson with allowing gays into the priesthood, let alone allowing them to pick husbands from among young altar boys. I do think priests should be allowed to marry though, to women.
    And I don’t think the Catholic Church is in the Dark Ages just because we don’t condone abortion as a means of birth control, which is all abortion really is. Murdering babies isn’t exactly enlightenment.

  • if the bible calls GOD an it. John 1:5
    wait until you take out all the #,;'”:
    and find the old Hebrew format hidden from ya!
    finding the old format,
    is repeatable!
    did you think Jerualem was overtrown by good guys 2500 yrs ago?
    if this is not news to ya. i’m sorry for posting here.

  • St. Blog’s Parish is a webring of Catholic blogs, many neotraditionalist catholic blogs.
    Jeff, I don’t know if they are paying you to be on MSNBC, but if not, are you allowed to bail if you don’t feel comfortable going on because you don’t know anything on the subject at hand?

  • Try a Parkinson’s Disease search.

  • Visit my link to see my recent post, although given the criticisms, I am not sure they will be welcome, as you are supposed to say something nice when people are sick He is waiting to be called by the boss, who doesn’t appear to be too anxious to have him.
    Another one I saw is: which, given the tone, may be more welcome.
    Of course, this one ( looks like the official version.
    Good luck!

  • J. Peden

    Pope’s going to Heaven. Rejoice for him.

  • hey

    as per taking back the night by replacing the pope.
    it is my understanding that the current pope controls who become cardinals, who then choose the future pope.
    given that pjpII has been in office for more than 20 years, and that cardinals are age limited from the voting process, then the pope has chosen the vast majority of those who will go about selecting a new pope. these are presumably “his” people, conservative, traditional, believers in his positions… if you are expecting the next pope to be a liberal who will be reversing a rather large number of “unfallible” statements in the near future, you are almost assured to be disappointed.
    you are also likely unfamiliar with the various weights of traditional vs liberal believers in the global church. the vast majority are of the traditional persuasion, they just don’t live in the US or EU.

  • why noboby links to the Kurdish Blogs? but everybody links to Arab Blogs?
    it is the same in the Medias…
    if a palestinans be killed everybody cries for him…but every day Turk police kill Kurds but nobody even mentions it
    you can find a list of Kurdish Blogs in English in Northern Iraq site

  • eddy

    “Murdering babies isn’t exactly enlightenment.”
    But calling homosexuality “an ideology of evil” is?

  • Hey is absolutely right. Chances are that the next Pope will be as conservative as JPII (or even more so), as due to the current Pope’s long tenure the College of Cardinals is now overwhelmingly a body of his choosing.
    There was an African cardinal – Francis Arinze from Nigeria – who was considered to be in the running to succeed JPII for the longest time, especially considering that continent’s strategic importance for the Church’s future.
    Recently however it’s been hinted that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger may be the next Pope. Ratzinger, who heads the Congregation on the Doctrine of Faith (formerly known as the Inquisition), makes JPII seem like a bleeding heart liberal in comparison…

  • Kat

    I have never heard of Ratzinger being a possibility–only that he will help choose the next Pope. I think it’s time for a Black Pope. I think he will be Black or Hispanic, definitely not Ratzinger or a white man.

  • Gregg

    Herein lies one of the problems with blogging: a non-expert reads a half a dozen posts by other non-experts and thinks that he’s now an authority to speak about a topic on MSM.
    And why is having a blogger read posts by other bloggers good TV? or good reporting? or entertaining?
    this is just odd.

  • hey

    as to whether the pope should have a different hue.. you’re aware that pjpII is the first non-italian pope in hundreds of years, no? they’re several hundred years behind on this stuff, so maybe not.
    but different hued popes are coming soon, given the demographics of the church. nigerian cardinal and ratzinger were definitely on the last list of supposed popes that i saw, several years ago. course i’m pretty sure karol wolytja (sp?) wasn’t a front runner named in the economist before he got the job. though the rumour is that one should be looking for somebody who is fairly old and in moderately bad health… not too many reporters at least, and likely not many cardinals, like the whole 20 year + pope thing.

  • The papal college is nothing if not political, look at the position it’s maintained. The third world is truly huge, and that may be the direction next taken.
    This pope appealed to youth for the longest time, then seemed to take a right turn into Old Testament theology. Too bad.

  • No One You Know

    “Michelle, I think the Church learned a hard lesson with allowing gays into the priesthood, let alone allowing them to pick husbands from among young altar boys.”
    Please stop perpetuating the total misconception that there is a link between being gay and child molestation, which is the way I am taking this. The vast majority of male child molesters who also have consensual relationships with adults by and large have hetrosexual relationships. In fact, there is a high correlation between child molesters and men who have otherwise been abusive to women in hetrosexual relationships. People who are non-abusive in their relations with other consenting adults just don’t tend to victimize children.

  • grouch

    CBS Radio News Update yesterday gave us the rapturous news that the Pope had “undergone a successful tracheotomy”. My wife said, “shoot, now they’ll all want one”. When Pope John died it took a long time for him to depart, many reports such as “Pope Death Rattles Heard”. A Tokyo paper reported, just before his death, “Pope Turns Blue”. We can all look forward to some really tasteless stuff before its all over.

  • Kat

    Yes, of course, except your contention gets shot full of holes, when we know that over 98% of the molesting priests have admitted to being gay. They did not molest children for the most part, but teenagers, and when heterosexuals do it, we call it rape. Also Bishop Shanley and his cabal of creeps were NAMBLA members, the only pedophile organization in the world. Guess who runs NAMBLA–gay men.

  • Hey Hey… Hey Kat and all,
    Just so you know, Nichelle (with an N) posted just a snipet of my post (not hers.) If you read the whole thing I go on to say that I know the next Pope is not going to be any more liberal than PJP and I do discuss the abuse issue a bit, but I agree with No One You Know in that it’s not because priests are gay but because they aren’t allowed to have sex. And I’d also like to give a shout out to Eddy. Word.

  • Kat

    Gee, Carolyn, then why do non priests who are allowed to have sex, still abuse kiddies?
    Did you just fall off the turnip truck? And why don’t they abuse girls–that’s whom most men would prefer. Almost all the abuse is on boys. Why? Who prefers sex with boys?

  • Am I the only one who thinks the Pope’s serious illness being the subject of this post makes it a wee bit unseemly to be using the post as a locus for accusations relating to gay sex and child abuse? Surely there are posts relating to these subjects where that discussion could be located. Sorry to be such a prude.

  • John Wilbeck

    For current updates and information on the Pope’s condition, go to and try the VatiCam link.

  • Great idea John, go to the Kremlin oopps Vatican page for the latest information. They will most certainly give you ALL the news right on time, YEAH RIGHT!
    Don’t be too upset Gregg, and don’t blame Jeff. He is invited by the ‘Editors’ of the mainstream press so they must know what they are talking about, right?
    As usual, someone who may know something about one thing is invited as an expert on all things. Not Jeff’s fault, the mainstream press has behaved this way forever.