Gawked : It took …



: It took no time for the email exchange between Bill Keller of The Times and me to become the butt of a Gawker post. I can’t speak for Keller, but I somehow feel as if I have arrived. If only I could get them to stalk me.

: We got Wolcotted, too, though gently (or else Wolcott fears I’ll pull the plug on his server).

Not since Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains strolled together into the backlot mist at the close of Casablanca has a more beautiful friendship been forged than that between Jeff Jarvis and NYT editor Bill Keller…. He should courteously ignore Jeff’s advice that he contact more bloggers to address their concerns and snarky complaints–he starts that up, and he’ll never get anything done. True, it would immunize him from blogworld accusations of being arrogant and aloof, like Howell Raines, but he’s got plenty enough writers and whiners under his own roof to worry about without undertaking missionary work in the boiler rooms of comments sections….