: Hunter Thompson commits suicide.

Thompson was really the first reaction to one-size-fits-all journalism. He was the argument that the grand shared experience of media in a three-network, one-newspaper-town world was actually bad because it was boring and institutional and inhuman. Thompson tried to inject humanity back into journalism. He injected it like drugs into his veins and, yes, sometimes it was a bad trip.

: LATER: At the Borders near here, they wasted no time putting up a sales shrine.

  • Remember how thet were saying how “Deepthroat” was deathly ill, his obituary had already been written, and he would be unmasked shortly after his death?
    I’m thinking Arlen Specter or Hunter S. Thompson. Either way, the ironing would be delicious!!

  • Mister Ghost

    Poor Hunter,
    He had a heart as big as his liver.
    OT: We Are Iraq The Model Nation

  • Mister Ghost

    Whoops, that should be:
    OT: We Are Iraq The Model Nation

  • I learned on DemocraticUnderground this morning that the BFEE targetted HST because he knew too much.

  • Franky

    One of the greatest journalists of the 20th century.

  • Franky

    I think that HST was the last public figure alive I respected. I’m trying to think of any one else and am drawing a blank.
    Even leaving aside his unmatched work of journalism, he embodied a political philosophy of moral codes, personal responsibility and liberalism with vigor and strength. He disdained the weak whining faction of the left as much as he did Nixon. We got no one left even worthy of sitting at his feet.
    (sorry if this seems partisan, it’s genuinely not my intention to begin a partisan argument, just rather an explanation of why I respected him so much).

  • Shalom Jeff,
    Hunter S. Thompson IS the reason I became a writer. But I won’t miss him because he will always be with me. He will forever marked The Place of Definitions.

  • SloppyDawg

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
    It’s a sad day for the weird. I think tonight I’ll slice up some grapefruit and toast Dr. Gonzo with a fine rum punch.
    RIP, Doc.

  • John Thacker

    It’s hard for me to think of Hunter S. Thompson without thinking of Tom Wolfe as well, and how two people personally very different epitomize New Journalism. They both even originally got into Journalism in 1956.

  • sbw

    Thompson and Wolfe do go together. See: The Savage Journey:
    Thompson did more to rid a generation of the numbing, poisonous, no-minded prudery lingering from the 1950s and represented by a docile press and the politics and practices of President Richard Milhous Nixon’s cronies.

  • Shocking, is it not, that no one has yet pointed out the obvious – that the late Doctor was, by temperment and style, the First of the Bloggers.
    All who simultaneously bash the blogosphere for intemperate and underedited mob-o-commentary whilst eulogizing Thompson belong in the lowest circle of Hell, where Hunter would no doubt personally endorse their entrance chits – that circle reserved for pompous hypocrites.

  • Mork

    Shocking, is it not, that no one has yet pointed out the obvious – that the late Doctor was, by temperment and style, the First of the Bloggers.
    Bullshit. HST was a craftsman who worked like hell on becoming a great writer. He was a serious journalist and an artist. If you want to characterize HST’s work as some sort of dashed off rant, then you have no appreciation for fine writing and you should keep quiet while those who do mourn a great talent.

  • Franky

    Good point.
    When a blogger writes out the Great Gatsby as Thompson reportedly did (just to get the rhythm), then that blogger can claim to show the same dedication as Thompson.

  • Brooks

    Ask anyone what “gonzo” means and they’ll give you Potter Stewart’s “I know it when I see it”. What a sad and tragic end to a lively life.