Panels, panels, and more panels

Panels, panels, and more panels

: We needed this: Rafat Ali and PaidContent give us a blog with digital media events.

  • AllenS

    What a grand waste of money. And when it’s all over, imagine the volume of space this crap will take up in the landfill. Art my ass.

  • melvin

    I am new here,but I agree PBS is a waste.and network news is cheap entertainment.NOW how about social security from a republican.First read ppropiate article in March, Money magazine, then ,at 78, II will tell you if you do not believe in American business, stop now!!If you depend on SS for your retirement–GOOD LUCK!!This boy went thru the Exxon-Valdez without selling..Look at Exxon today and forget the splits!!Some well known Democrats do not need SS,Tier daddy or wife made it for them..For you youngsters,you could invest in Chili or Franceor even stay with the “numbers game”,once run by mobs but now called t5he lottery!!I don’t care what you do because I already have SS,but did not take my world cruises on those proceeds..If your under 35 hope for Privitization, if 45 and above you are probably too late,so just take what you can get…and pray a lot!!The main reason for a dope to invest, in GOOD COMPANIES, is not to become a millionaireBUT to take care of inevitable inflation!!What ever your views on Bush or Iraq,stay political if you wish,But what you earn for working all your life, IS YOURS!!So vote as you must,but remember, someone told you..Suggested to you,put Your money in Good American companies and DIVERSIFY ,because none are perfect and MOST are not like ENRON!!