Why, oh why:

Why, oh why

: Jon Stewart talks with Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek about the Middle East and asks: “Explain to me, why did God put all our fuel under there?”

  • He didn’t.

  • I’m writing from India and I sense that a lot of educated people here feel safe because India doesn’t have oil. It’s like feeling relieved that you are not born a beautiful girl in a country where rapes and abductions don’t make news..

  • There is some joke about Israel being the only ME country without oil but I forget how it goes . . .
    Props, Andrea.

  • now do you believe its a comedy show?

  • Angus Jung

    Based on that? Not really.

  • Kevin

    The scary thing is that I’m not quite sure that Jarvis realizes that Stewart was joking.

  • Was it Jon Stewart who commented that any religion that was told Israel was the land given to them by their God should have deep doubts about being the Chosen People.

  • [N]ow do you believe its a comedy show?
    Oh yeah, Jon Stewart’s a real blindered partisan. Did you miss what was his best joke of the night comparing Iraq’s disaffected Sunni/former Baathist minority with the Democratic Party?
    Get back to me when you find someone else in the national news media – real or fake – with even a tenth of the honest introspection as Stewart, then we’ll talk about “bias”.

  • Kim

    Dana Carvey said that, sans the religion angle, on the Maher Show.
    CARVEY: Hey, how did all our oil get under their sand, that

  • Angus Jung

    “I’ve watched this thing unfold from the start and here’s the great fear that I have: What if Bush, the president, ours, has been right about this all along? I feel like my worldview will not sustain itself and I may, and again I don’t know if I can physically do this, implode.”
    That might not be so bad, Jon, because if you admit Bush might be right about something, most of your audience will abandon you anyway.

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