‘Not an election, a revolution’

‘Not an election, a revolution’

: MSNBC’s Natalie Morales told me before we went on the air for the last blogging segment that Reuters reports 72 percent turnout. If it’s anything near that, it’s amazing. But Natalie said it better than I could: “That’s not an election, that’s a revolution.”

: Think we’ll ever see this good news from “Prof.” Juan Cole or my blogging goomba, Eric Alterman? I’m buying a snowblower for my time in hell.

: UPDATE: The polls have closed and this is all the “professor” has to say: “Dozens Killed in Election Day Guerrilla Campaign”

: Expect Florida-like nitpicking about the number (it has already started in the comments) — 72 percent, 50 percent, percent of what…. (Update: Command Post said some TV people there think the number is high and MSNBC is now empahsizing that was an estimate.) Doesn’t matter. What matters is that people came out to vote in big numbers; they are creating a new nation.

This morning, I asked myself whether I would go to vote if I thought I could be bombed at the polling place or shot because of my blue finger. I don’t think I’d have that courage. Most Americans would not (hell, most of us don’t vote even in the lap of safety). Remember that every single Iraqi who came to vote today is a victory for democracy.

: NYTimes.com headline: “Iraqi Voters Turn Out in High Numbers Despite Rebel Attacks Killing Up to 36”

Guardian headline: “Iraqis vote as attacks kill 22”

Chicago Tribune: “Update: Iraqi voters defy attacks”

Washington Post: “Iraqi Turnout Appears Strong as Voting Day Ends”

MSNBC: “Voting amid violence”

FoxNews: “Turnout High on Violent Day”

BBC: “Iraq votes as attacks hit Baghdad”

: On Meet the Press this morning, John Kerry says: “This is the last chance for President Bush to get it right.”

: Husayn adds two key words to the name of his blog: “Democracy in Iraq (is here!)”

: LATER: I’ve been watching the Friends of Democracy/Spirit of America special on C-SPAN. Christopher Hitchens is a guest and, of course, he’s eloquent in the defense of human rights against fascism. He said we now have a warrant to arrest tyrants.

: Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s wrapup of Iraqi blogs (mostly the same as the links below).

: I spent the morning looking for negative reaction to the election on Iraqi blogs. I found none, until Raed posted. I’m not sure I understand his analysis:

The current early and premature Iraqi election is being marketed as THE event, THE peak, THE happening! as if everything will be over after the day of elections! just like in some stupid love movies where the curtain falls after the two lovers get married.

The romantic Iraqi elections will open the doors of hell. If the majority of Shia in the southern governorates of Iraq were “waiting”, they will stop waiting after elections are hi-jacked. When the kurds in the north have their “unofficial” referendum on “independance” from Iraq, kurds and arabs will stop “waiting” in the north too. When sunnis are completely excluded from the government, they will continue “not waiting”.

: UPDATE: Count on “Prof.” Juan Cole to find the eeyore angle.