The Parents Television Council loses one 36

The Parents Television Council loses one 36

: The FCC just rejected 36 complaints by the so-called Parents Television Council.

I have a theory that the people in the FCC — including even lame prude Michael Powell — are secretly embarrassed that they have turned themselves into the nation’s chief prigs and mouth-washers, that they have kneecapped the First Amendment, and that their tenure will be marked in history for the stupidity of following along with what they thought was a political movement but turned out to be only a few religious nutjobs with no lives. But that’s just a theory. If it were true, it would explain how the FCC decided to reject these 36 PTC complaints just as Michael Powell ducks out of office.

Note, however, that they still have not ruled on Oprah Winfrey saying exactly what got Howard Stern an indecency violation.

In the first set of rulings, the FCC seems to bravely decides that “dick” in various forms is OK. Ditto ass, penis, vaginal, nutsack, and a three-way. In the second set, they add the words hell and damn — as if they were ever in contention as indecent and blaspamous — as well as breast, nipples, can, pissed, crap, bastard, and bitch. It’s the liberalization of America, I tell you, it’s the second damned sexual revolution!

Woops, not so fast Jarvis, put away the tie-dyes and scented oils. The FCC explains:

A number of complaints cite isolated uses of the word