Assignment desk: The Iraqi vote

Assignment desk: The Iraqi vote

: Craig Newmark said it well:

Folks, no matter how you feel about the war, people are risking their lives to vote.

If you’re in one of the cities where expat Iraqis are going to register to vote, why not go and talk to them and hear what they say about the vote: report and blog.

  • Interesting idea, Jeff. As Nashville (go figure) has not one, but two, voting locations, if I’m able, I’ll do just that. Also, I feel certain that Bill Hobbs will do the same.

  • CharlesJ

    They are indeed risking their lives to vote. Just like when Saddam ran the show. I thought our plan was to make things better….

  • Jeff, absolutely dead on. This is an under-reported story. Of course, some Americans are rooting for the “home” team . . .

  • “They are indeed risking their lives to vote. Just like when Saddam ran the show. I thought our plan was to make things better….”
    No, they didn’t “risk their lives to vote” when Saddam ruled. They voted for him 100% because they would be killed or tortured or imprisoned if they didn’t. They would be risking their lives to NOT vote. And no one ran for office opposing Saddam. Now there are over 100 political parties of all persuasions and hundreds of newspapers and internet access in even the poorest villages, none of which was allowed under Saddam. Sounds much better to me.
    And some of those using violence to intimidate the Iraqis into not holding elections are . . . Saddam’s former officials! And what are we doing? Trying to hunt down and kill those renegades so that Iraqis can hold elections! Sounds like we are trying to make it better.

  • Though you’d think if democracy was such a priority for the Bush administration, they’d have more locations for people to vote.
    There have been many stories on Iraqis in the Bay area who can’t get away to LA to vote.

  • It will be interesting to hear the stories of people travelling long distances to vote, within and outside of Iraq.

  • Patricia

    My local paper, the Orange County Register, has run several negative stories about the vote. Quel suprise! as they’re anti-Iraq. I Googled one angry guy they quoted and he turned out to be president of the local Kurdish separatist group. Gee, could that be pertinent to the story? I whipped out a letter to the editor informing them of this thing called Google but had to change it when I realized the same writer in another story wrote about the subject’s affiliation. Why did he omit it from this story, I queried. Never heard back.
    Bloggers, get thee to Irvine!