CBS News Top 10

CBS News Top 10

: Letterman’s No. 10 change at CBS News: “Stories must be corroborated by at least two really strong hunches.”

No. 7: “Change division name from CBS News to CBS Newsish.”

No. 1: “Use beer, cash, and hookers to lure Tom Brokaw out of retirement.”

  • Eileen

    Laughed so hard at #s 10 and 7 when I heard them tonight! Actually, thought about writing to you to quote them as I heard those two…Heehaa. And I also very much appreciated the morning chuckle you provided as you reiterated ‘how you really feel’ about Dan (below). I’ve only been here a few months but I Had read your opinions about him before, probably verbatim what you said again today. I like your transparency. I like hearing honest opinions wherever I find them. (Even if I don’t always agree with you, at least I learn what you Think. In the case of Dan, I agree (again).)
    Thanks for the laughs and your honesty.

  • People who lost their jobs at CBS over a story that was 100% true (the memos were just the icing on the cake — the story stood up just fine without them): At least four.
    People who lost their jobs at CBS for helping to promote the bogus Whitewater scandal: None.
    ABC producer Chris Vlasto’s punishment for deliberately editing videotape to smear Hillary Clinton: Promotion.

  • Angus Jung

    Number of days Ms. Woman has gone without her medication: ???