: Australians are worried about attacks on aid workers by angry Muslims:

Fuelling the volatility of the region, fundamental Islamic activists are also flooding into the region in a bid to guard against what they regard as dangerous Western influences….

Indonesian sources say the chief concerns for the safety of aid workers and unarmed defence personnel are Free Aceh Movement (GAM) separatists looking for publicity, criminal gangs attached to GAM, and Islamic fundamentalists concerned about the influx of Westerners.

One hardline Islamic group took aim yesterday at an Australian Catholic charity, Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets, planning to set up an orphanage in tsunami-ravaged Aceh, warning it not to try to convert Muslim children.

Nutjobs. Just plain nutjobs.

I ridiculed the NY Times when it said the reason for us to give aid to Indian Ocean victims was because we should make nice to Muslims for our PR. No, I said, the reason to do it is because it’s the right thing to do. Period.

And attacking aid workers who are doing the right thing is the wrong thing. Period. If these nutjobs attack the good souls who are there to help them… well, let the world and God judge them.