MSNBC links

MSNBC links

: Here are links I plan to use on MSNBC on Friday:


: Evelyn Rodriguez posted very personal and heartfelt moments from Phuket at Crossroads Dispatches. A commenter now tells me she just arrived back home. She tells of sitting next to people whose lives are thrown apart: a boy who has lost his family, a man who lost his wife, another man who found his wife after their children back home told the father he’d just seen the mother on TV looking for him.

: Mark is another blogger who just arrived home. He found that he and his girlfriend made news as her father told the Scotsman he was praying for her safety. They are safe.

: Rick Von Feldt writes an amazing blog about everything he saw in Phuket.

: Fred blogs from Sri Lanka at Extra, Extra.

: From ChiensSansFrontiers, one of the more remarkable blogs:

The first thing I saw in Mullaitive town was a board hanging outside a battered building. I aksed our guide what the board said. He said says Senthalil Children’s Home.

The Home was home to 150 war orphans. They had lost both their parents to the war or had been abandoned or separated from their parents during the fighting. When the Government and the LTTE signed the ceasefire agreement 3 years ago it looked like at least some of these children were going to get a good deal in terms of their future.

Now only 5 of them are alive.

A wroung iron bed that was wrapped around a mango tree was for me the most telling thing about the force of the wave. I can’t even imagine the force required to bend something like that. It looked like a straw wrapped around a bottle of coke. I tried to bend it back. I couldn’t even move it.

: Stuart Lock writes about his honeymoon at the disaster.

: Scott Raderstof gives us an incredible moment-by-moment recollection of how he and his family survived the wave.

: Good roundup of eyewitness blogger quotes in the Guardian (some reduntant).


: Blogger and journalist Kevin Sites has left Iraq to cover the tragedy in Thailand; he is blogging it here.

: Many good articles on the impact of this — on, say, fishing — at

: JavaJive writes about media coverage, local and international, and wonders why Thailand is getting more attention (so far) than Sri Lanka.

: Insignificant Views says the Sri Lankan prime minister and delegation met with protests while the PM’s office made no mention of it:

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