: Fortune’s next issue on the top 10 trends to watch for leads off with blogs ina story by David Kirkpatrick and and Daniel Roth. They just put the story online — free! — and so here’s the link. I haven’t even had a chance to read it (I’m still visiting with family) but I’m letting you know about it first.

: Just got back and had time to read the story. It’s very good — blogs from Fortune’s perspective of corporate America with a simple message: You can’t afford to ignore these things.

Says Bill Gates:

“It’s all about openness,” says chairman Bill Gates of Microsoft’s public blogs like Scobleizer. “People see them as a reflection of an open, communicative culture that isn’t afraid to be self-critical.” …

Says Bill Gates, who claims he’d like to start a blog but doesn’t have the time: “As blogging software gets easier to use, the boundaries between, say, writing e-mail and writing a blog will start to blur. This will fundamentally change how we document our lives.”

Not to mention change the world.