Meet the Press jumps the shark

Meet the Press jumps the shark

: I was appalled this morning to hear Tim Russert interviewing — if you can call an exchange of meaningless pap and platitudes an interview — with TV quack shrink Dr. Phil. They traded baseless generalizations about “the family” for way too long.

Add this to the Meet the Press sin of having Jerry Falwell and Al Sharpton on a few weeks ago to talk religion.

Who the hell is booking this show? Meet the Press has been the smartest show on TV. They can get anyone they want. They used to try a little harder to find someone smart.

Now their guests are as random as an elevator ride.

For shame.

: James Wolcott seconds the motion:

What’s next, Suzi Orman laying out Social Security privatization for us between teeth bleachings?

I’m not sure what which was worse, Dr. Phil’s thimble-deep patriarchal profundities or the sage nods with which they were received by Untiny Tim.