: I’m sick and grumpy (not a cause-and-effect relationship). Blogging if I come out of a fevered fog.

Can we eliminate the handshake from our culture? I’m not germphobic but why get sick if you don’t have to? I’m thinking of becoming eccentric in the model of Donald Trump and Howard Stern: I’m going to wave or bow. I’m going to wear masks. I’m going to disinfect every surface I touch. I’m going to let my fingernails grow….

Nevermind me, I’m in a fevered fog. Gawd, I hate being sick.

  • huey priest

    Gesundheit. Hope you bounce back quickly.

  • Jesse

    I agree — how do you know whether or not the person you shake hands with washed up after wiping his or her arse? I wish we could all just tap heads or something instead.

  • sbw

    Howard Hughes?

  • palolo lolo

    Yea, I’ve got it,too. Sniffles,coughs,watery eyes,runny nose etc. More water,then back to bed!

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    I just got over it. I made a wonderful discovery, though:
    1 ginseng “shooter” (health food store, 10ml)
    5-6 thin slices fresh ginger
    1 Tsp brown sugar
    1 1/2 oz very dark rum
    hot water (quant suff.)
    put them all in a heavy cup. Stir. Drink. Repeat as necessary.
    You’ll feel better, you’ll sleep, and it tastes LOTS better than Nyquil.
    (I’m seriously thinking about starting to use that “hand sanitizer” stuff.)

  • “Can we eliminate the handshake from our culture?”
    I’m not sure of a way to implement such a change-request…. ;-)
    (Immediately after 9/11 I became wary of handling currency, particularly when recalling the statistics for presence of cocaine on dollar bills.)
    One key strategy seems to be in developing awareness of when we touch our face… just having colonizers on your hands doesn’t matter as much if they can’t get inside the skin from there.

  • MWB

    You’re *thinking* of *becoming* eccentric? Ahem.
    Seriously though, get well soon. I’m fighting some bug too. Merry Christmas, eh?

  • cuddihy

    That way lies madness. And the King of Pop.

  • Mary in LA

    Gloves. A lady may wear gloves at any social occasion. If you’re looking for an eccentricity to cultivate, gloves have style. They can be either dainty or sexy — that’s up to you! :-)

  • Mary in LA

    Sorry — I forgot whose blog I was on! Here I was commiserating with Michele, when it’s Jeff who’s sick!
    A gentleman may also wear gloves at any social occasion. He will appear… mysterious. Refined. Just make sure that the gloves have a thumb and four fingers, not three, and don’t wear them with red shorts with brass buttons. :-)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Julia

    Good luck getting rid of the handshake!
    I was raised by a conscientious medical technician who taught me not to shake hands with others when *I* had a cold, so as not to spread my germs around. So a couple of Sundays a year, I will have a cold and will refuse to shake hands during the greeting time at church. I still stand up and smile and say good morning to people, and I always explain: “You don’t want to shake my hand — you don’t want this cold.” And people get really offended and/or confused! And like most churches, mine is populated largely by little old ladies, with a healthy smattering of young pregnant women — people who really *don’t* want my cold. I’ve discovered that I actually have to keep my hands *behind my back* when I’m doing this so people don’t try to grab them anyway. I should just let them have the cold . . . although I’d feel really guilty if one of them got really sick from it….

  • I say we encourage more physical contact, not less. Handshakes, hugs, spontaneous sex (okay, maybe not the last :) ).
    And why should we have more physical contact between complete strangers? To spread germs.
    I’m serious. We don’t share enough germs in our society. As a result our immune systems are under-employed. And you know what they say about the Devil and idle t-cells.
    We need to keep our immune systems gainfully emyloyed. We can only do that by providing exposure to a wide variety of pathogens. We can only do that reliably through physical contact with a wide range of people.
    So support the Immune System Full Employment Act and shake hands like you mean it!

  • get swell soon! but Jeff, check this out…kissing spresds less germs (by way far) than handshaking..a halarious ‘skit’ clip of how things ‘ought to be’