My Iraqi friends

My Iraqi friends

: Omar and Mohammed are back in Iraq and back on the blog. They write:

The three of us will never quit fighting for freedom and democracy along with our brothers and sisters in Iraq and the rest of the world and now we’re doing this with more confidence and faith in a better future as we knew that Americans supported freedom in Iraq but we had no idea how great this support is and how committed the American people are for the success in Iraq until we saw it in our trip.

Thank you again.

We will never disappoint you because basically we’re fighting for our dream.

The third brother, Ali, said the other day that he is leaving the blog. I don’t know why; that’s a matter between brothers. But we do know that Ali defending his brothers against foolishness while they were in America and at the time, I got a nice note from him.

The three of them are courageous defenders of their freedom. I hope they remain safe and continue their good work. Welcome home.