Think, Time

Think, Time

: If Time had any sense, they’d put up the entire blog-of-the-year story (and not just this) online for all to see. Come on, Time, think.

  • They are thinking, Jeff. They’re thinking that by not putting the article online they’ll force all the freeloading bloggers to buy a copy of their magazine.

  • Jeff. As your are an alumnus of Time U., you obviously are answering your question when posing it with the opening clause, “if Time had any sense.”

  • Angus Jung

    “They are thinking, Jeff. They’re thinking that by not putting the article online they’ll force all the freeloading bloggers to buy a copy of their magazine.”
    Ahem… I think you mean “freeloading right whingers,” hmmm? We’ll let it go this time because it’s the holidays, but please try not to slip up again.

  • Glyn

    I recently saw the above legal letter spam on an arcane British website about the diary of Samuel Pepys, so if it has reached two such widely different websites how many thousands of copies of it will have been sent out?

  • Angus twice, got my point across.
    A word where everything is free is great for the consumer – except, you know, it ain’t happening.
    And congrats to Powerlineblog. I can celebrate their victory because they aren’t gloating. Humbleness is a vastly underrated trait in the blogosphere and I’m happy they are exhibiting it.

  • My point exactly.

  • Glyn: I killed the spam. Thanks.

  • Ed

    As of last night, Time put its entire archive online – from 1923 to the present day. It’s free to search and read summaries of all its articles; full articles are free to Time dead wood subscribers.
    Sure, it’s not totally free to everyone, but it’s still pretty cool.

  • If they were really thinking, they would have just made it free and easily linkable for everyone.
    I can’t imagine they get much revenue from people buying articles. Those with the expense accounts to do it already have nexis or some similar service.
    But making it all available for free would increase search hits, links and traffic. If they have to make it available though the new AOL portal for traffic, then do that. They should take a clue from their cousin CNN which archives most if not all of their webpages.
    Ahh, I see they are using the archives as a lure to get people to subscribe. I imagine there will be a ton of churn among people who subscribe for the archive. Better to make the archives free, so they’ll read more of time and realize that it is easier to read in print form (and the photos are better).
    And they were really stupid not to put the entire bad choice for person of the year issue online for free. I’m sure they are getting more traffic because of interest in the issue and then people hit the frustration of a subscription screen. They don’t seem to have learned much since the days of pathfinder. At least back then they had Netly News.

  • And Bush fans will buy the magazine while everyone else will freeload by reading it in the checkout line or at the doctor’s office. Or at that den of sin, the library where I’ll be able to check it out in a week.