You can build freedom: Give!

You can build freedom: Give!

: The Spirit of America blogger challenge comes to an end at midnight on the 15th. So please, please give here.

Listen, my friends, I’m really rotten at fund-raising (and sales) so you have to make up for my lack of salesmanship. But I know there are hundreds — thousands — of you who also believe in the cause of free speech and democracy and who also got some goosebumps when the Iraqi bloggers started telling their stories online. The world needs more of them.

You can help. You can support the Spirit of America Arabic-language blogging tool, which was announced this weekend. You can bring free speech to people in the Middle East who have not had it.

How powerful is that?

Besides, it’s end-of-year deducation time. It’s the holidays: Give it as a gift.

Give, give, give. Please.