FCC vs. scantily clad Greeks and jocks

greek2.jpgFCC vs. scantily clad Greeks and jocks

: NBC has had to hand over a tape of the Greek Olympics opening ceremony because of a complaint. It keeps getting ridiculouser and ridiculouser.

  • Amy

    Your lovely pic of the modestly censored statue loaded before your words, and on seeing it I laughed to myself, thinking there’s Jeff making fun of the FCC. When I read that someone actually complained about the Olympics, I laughed again. What else can you do when faced with something so ridiculous? Sadly, it is actually quite serious.
    I think I believe that even the FCC will realise that this one is so far out that after dutifully checking the footage they’ll cast out the complaint. I sincerely hope that my belief is not misplaced.
    Washington Post TV Column

  • David Spector

    I’ll bet it was the pesky Brent Bozell again…

  • button

    This is pathetic!
    And the US is not supposed to have an Minister of Information. But isn’t this just about what Michael Powell has become with all this? Or maybe aspires to become.

  • taliban

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/041213/photos_en/mdf793845&e=16 Photo in question.
    Welcome to the talibanization of America.

  • Angelos

    Fucking Bush voters. We’ll be a third-world economy under a right-wing dictatorship in 4 years.
    But we’re safer!!! Until we get attacked again. But that’ll still be Clinton’s fault.

  • This is just the FCC throwing out a smoke bomb to get the heat off of them on the Accounting issue… they have much worse examples in the hamper, but they toss out the Olympics issue to the press… nice PR job on their part…

  • Sean

    Its important to keep this in perspective too. These cases have been about censoring old media, such as broadcasters and radio. Increasingly, these mediums are marginalized by subscriber based models such as cable, satellite, the internet. These are completely different mediums from a legal authority perspective and the FCC does not, currently, have the same power to regulate what you voluntarily subscribe to. Stern can say whatever he wants on Sirius Satellite Radio and Janet can bust it all out on HBO or on Yahoo!