Stern on Letterman

Stern on Letterman

: Howard Stern mentions my little scoop on the FCC on Letterman’s show tonight: “An ex-TV Guide writer went and researched. Three people complained. Three people.”

Damn. Wish I’d recorded that.

: It’s a serious talk and a good talk. Howard discusses the problem of the FCC and free speech and Clear Channel and creativity. Random quotes:

“This is my way of checkmating the United States government,” he says.

“This guy Michael Powell… he’s telling us what we can hear,” he says. Later: “How can we have a democracy how can we have an open exchange of ideas?”

“My fellow broadcasters are not standing up for me.”

“In five years, satellite radio will be dominant in radio broadcasting.”

On getting satellite radio: “I believe it is a political movement.”

Dave: “In many ways, you pioneered terrestrial radio.”

Howard: “And now I’m here to destroy it.”

On making fun of racists: “I think the show actually has a high moral value.” Dave asks: “Is there a segment of the audience that may not get it… that may have its prehistoric beliefs reinforced?”

Dave: “How come President Bush won the election?”

Howard: “Had I been on in more markets in the country, I believe we would have had an effect on the election.”

“I can’t syndicate my show anymore. Radio stations are deathly afraid of the religious right… and Michael Powell…”

“Bababooey is coming. Everybody is coming over to the new place.”