It’s (not) beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

It’s (not) beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

: Our South Orange blogger at writes about the school’s decision to ban music that could be considered religious in any form. My church‘s choir director (who suffers my bad bass) used to be the choir director there and the truth is that thanks to decisions like this all across America, churches are getting the use of music that schools can’t ever think of singing again.

  • The whole Nicollette Sheridan Terrell Owens issue is BS. I can watch the same thing in the middle of the afternoon on any Sunday movie in movies like “Gator” with Burt Reynolds and Lauren Hutton or “100 Rifles” with Burt Reynolds, Jim Brown, and Raquel Welch. Why no outrage here-suspicious. Thanks to the American cultural cannabalism-the Canadians are now attacking us. My record label has been banned out of Canada over its name and song titles, the US State Dept through Colin Powell’s office actually sent the US Ambassador to Canada to discull a rap label! The Canadian govt is holding a tribunal through their Human Rights Commission, and there are lawsuits on both sides of the border from my attorneys-aren’t we suppose to be FIGHTING AL Queada -not becoming them?!

  • This is a major problem, but not because of the holidays. The choir pieces that high schools should be learning, in a curriculum that spans the entirety of music history, were almost entirely composed for the church up until classical times. This church music is the basis of modern choir music, and if many older pre-classical pieces are left out of the curriculum due to their church connections, it’s doing a disservice to the students. They’re not learning about the history of choir music as they are preparing for their concert.

    As long as the students are learning the full range of Western music in addition to some multicultural music, it’s irrelevant what they perform in the concerts. They should perform what the community wants to hear.

  • Don Mynack

    This creeping cleanout of anything considered remotely religious can be once again squarely aimed at our friends at a large Washington beauracracy – the Department of Education. On orders from the DOE, my child’s school can have no Christmas decorations (including trees), no menorahs, no nothing. In fact, they couldn’t even have Halloween activities, for some reason I can’t fathom (offending Christians while encouraging Pagans?). In fact, about the only holiday that the school can acknowledge is Thanksgiving – so she has been bringing home art project after art project based upon this rather minor holiday. When I asked her teacher about some of this, she replied the school district was implementing new guidelines established by the Dept. of Education.
    It should also be noted that we reside in the blood red state of Texas, so I don’t think banning religion came from the local officials.

  • aaron

    Where are those religious nutjobs when you need them ;)

  • Tom

    Here’s a fascinating thing for you – a friend of mine who works as a teacher in the NYC school system is allowed to discuss anything having to do with Islam, but nothing to do with Christianity or Judaism. WTF?
    It’s bad enough that they don’t have books, don’t really teach math or history in a lot of these schools, and aren’t allowed to use the chalkboard at her school. It’s no wonder everyone just gets so frustrated that they want to start everything over again – we’re so stuck on not offending anyone that we trip over ourselves left and right.

  • Forget the religious nutjobs, where’s Mr Hanky when you need him?

  • Pat

    I’m only buying Christmas presents from stores or catalogs that mention the word ‘Christmas.’ I’m not devout–I’m just sick of being marginalized. As Mrs. Verdonk of Holland says, it’s not for us to change our culture; people who are so sensitive they can’t live in a multicultural society should learn to be less sensitive.
    Happy Winter Day, everyone!