Howard in orbit

Howard in orbit

: Curbed has coverage of Howard Stern handing out Sirius radios in Union Square today. I happened by afterwards. There’s little sadder in the world than the leftovers of a Stern crowd.

  • pics here

  • I attended the rally and found it disappointing. Stern just kept shouting “Sirius” and only briefly refered to the FCC. I’d like to see him make a bigger deal of being chased off the FM band by those that would restrict speech. The folks from XM holding up the Opie and Anthony signs get points for bravery!

  • Yep…about the only thing sadder that I can think of is the beginnings of a Stern crowd.

  • dries

    two of my coworkers went there…a big disappointment.
    they met a woman with 4 little kids who had waited there since 9AM. all of of her kids got Sirius receivers. glad to see someone will make some $ reselling those little gadgets.

  • Stern mentioned your FCC scoop on Letterman.