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Americans like sex

Americans like sex

: This is getting ridiculous. No, it got ridiculous months ago. Now it’s getting stupid. The latest in the prudes’ war in America: A supposed flood of complaints to ABC for a joke that showed absolutely nothing naughty before a football game: a star of Desperate Housewives drops her towel and hugs a football player. Flood? I wouldn’t believe it. Look at my reporting on the supposed flood that came in complaining about Married by America: a flood of three. But still, the Today show this morning talks about the flood and tsk-tsks when they should be saying: What the F? What’s so wrong with that? As Joe Territo says: “Can’t we have a little sex with our violence?”

I’m going to start a site that allows all us sane, normal, red-blooded Americans send thank-you notes to the networks — and the FCC — every time there’s a hint of sex or colorful language on broadcast.

Thank you, ABC, for showing a little naked back. We like pretty women. We like sex. We’re male. We’re American.

Thank you, Pitt player, for getting so excited you couldn’t help yourself and you said the F word. It’s nice to see someone excited about something these days. Some for you, Bono.

Thank you, Steven Spielberg, for making soldiers human and letting them speak like real Americans. We need more honesty.

And as for your prudes who are making it your lifes’ work complaining and getting stupid ass media to talk about it: Get a life.

: If anybody can find a Torrent of the ABC promo, please put a link in the comments. It couldn’t be tamer.


We’re at risk of outlawing a sense of humor in this country just to satisfy a tiny band of prudes, prigs, and religious nutjobs.

: Tom Biro found the end of it here. Tom just sent me a better link here. Watch and judge for yourself.