The future of media

The future of media

: Corante kicks off a series of interviews on the future of media. In the first, Ernie Miller asks questions of … me.

[Oh, no, not more blathering from that guy, you say. Sorry but yes: More blathering. Ernie asks good questions, I give bad answers and take a lot of bits doing it.]

It begins: “The means of media are now in the hands of the people.”

Each Q&A is set apart with an opportunity to leave comments. So please, go argue with me. Tell me how I’m full o’ crap. Tell me what I missed. Say it better than I say it. Discuss among yourselves…..

: UPDATE: Jay Rosen replies:

The problem with Big Media is that it learned how to “store” trust–in brand, reputation and ritual–and so forgot what it was. But the blogger has to make trust, from scratch as it were. So the blogger winds up knowing more about the current conditions for trust capture

Separately, Henry Copeland sent this email responding to Nick Denton’s contention, below, that blogs are just websites:

Websites usually aren’t written by humans, blogs usually are. Websites usually don’t link to other websites, blogs usually do. So “blogs” are both less (corporate) and more (networked) than “websites.” Twine these two characteristics together and blogs ARE radically new relative to other media.