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Freedom of speech and life

Freedom of speech and life

: Theo Van Gogh was killed for words and images.

You can go hear and see them here. Download that Bitttorrent (and then go here and download the xvid codec).

: UPDATE: The Jerusalem Post argues that the country has become too tolerant… of intolerance.

A Dutch Muslim school was bombed and mosques have been attacked.

It is in English with Dutch subtitles. A barely veiled woman recites stories of abuse with much invocation of Allah.

It is words. Stories. News.

A man died for it.

This is not about just protecting the freedom to speak. It is about protecting the freedom to live.

Loathe it or leave it

Loathe it or leave it

: San Franciscans are getting ready to jump ship after the Bush victory, says Reuters:

…[T]hey are waving “United States of Canada” maps, redrawn to show Canada extending down to include California, New England and the other so-called “blue states” that voted decisively for Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry in the U.S. presidential race.

Some are cancelling plans to travel to neighbouring “red states,” where Bush drew most of his support. They are asking serious questions about the future of American democracy….

As much as I’d enjoy making fun of my former fellow ‘Friscans, the Reuters story is more laughable, for it has nothing to back up what it says is this trend. No, it will still be impossible to park in San Francisco.