Online hell….

Online hell….

: Been down for two hours…

: Wonkette’s exit polls looking damned good for Kerry….

: Blogs moved the market….

U.S. stocks reversed course suddenly on Tuesday and drifted lower as chatter on the Internet speculated that early exit polls had Sen. John Kerry leading the presidential election in key swing states….

“That’s what we’re hearing,” said Lisa Hansen, head trader at Transamerica Investment Management. “Apparently the blogs are saying that Kerry is ahead in one or two of the swing states and that’s why the market dipped.”

Keith Keenan, vice president of institutional trading at brokerage Wall Street Access, said he’d heard vague rumors that early exit polls out of Ohio and Florida favored Kerry.

“That’s some of the chatter I’ve heard,” Keenan said.

: Will post as often as the internet allows me…..

: The good host who handles many, many of us bloggers said they maxed out on their bandwidth. I don’t know whether it was DOS. But there was a lot of traffic. Wonkette slowed to a crawl as well, on another host.

Blogs are big, all right. Too friggin’ big.

: Hinderaker is trying to calm the nervous GOP souls.