: I wrote a piece for Netzeitung, the German net-only paper, about weblogs and journalism. I wish I’d been able to write it in German, but they translated it for me. Michael Maier, the editor of Netzeitung, asked me to write it after we talked. He understands citizens’ media but other German journalists don’t… yet.

: And it’s so nice to see oneself insulted in another language as a result. A commenter here calls me a bitter, old reactionary. That I can translate.

: Now the Instapundit of Germany, der Schockwellenreiter, calls me a multi-purpose blogging weapon for the conservatives. I replied that I’m voting for Kerry, so that must make me a secret weapon. (If I did my translating correctly, that is.)

: More German links here und hier.

: Not that you should possibly care, since you’ve seen it all here before, but hte English version of the story is tucked behind that “more” link.

Weblogs are the best thing to happen to journalism since the invention of word processing