Indecent indecency bill sidelined!

Indecent indecency bill sidelined!

: Great news from Washington, it appears: The indecent indecency bill has been dropped from the defense bill to which it was attached and Broadcasting & Cable says it won’t come up again until the next Congress. Like the Induce bill, it will raise its ugly head again, but let’s hope sanity intervenes. [via Lost Remote]

: The Washington Post report here.

  • Ebb Tide

    the indecency bill was ATTACHED to a defense bill? Couldn’t it just be its own bill??
    WTF?, can’t the defense bill just be its own bill?
    We need milions, billions for war stuff, OH AND BY THE WAY, we have to stop smutty stuff on TV, too.
    Is that how it goes??????
    No wonder nothing ever gets done!

  • J.R.

    Sidelined?? But how? I thought they were coming after your beloved Howard? That bill is forcing him off the airwaves. GWB wants him gone, according to Stern, how could he let this bill fade?
    Just goes to show, like I’ve said before, Stern is going to Sirius for the money, pure and simple.