Web 2.0: Joe Kraus

Web 2.0: Joe Kraus

: Joe Kraus, founder of Excite (and Architext) and Digital Consumer has allegedly been up for 48 hours getting ready for this presentation. He’s revealing his previously secret Jotspot, “the application wiki.”

He says wiki’s are about small pieces loosely — but better — joined. Just like fellow wiki pioneer, Ross Mayfield of Socialtext, he sees this as a lightweight application to compete with heavy-duty and expensive enterprise applications.

I was hoping I’d see the first pretty wiki. No such luck. Why do wikis have to be ugly?

Kraus is giving a demo: text goes here; Word and Excel docs are displayed as HTML and have version control.

Every page in the wiki is an email address. Thus you can post from email. (As I remember, I saw this on SocialText as well yesterday.)

Where he says Jotspot is different is that you can add structure (e.g., dates, ratings, and so on). It’s a lightweight form language.

  • Jeff,
    Wiki’s do not have to look like the best of the mid-nineties web design. I’d suggest you check out Confluence for a product that doesn’t. There is a demo site at http://confluence.atlassian.com

  • Hi,
    Some wikis, like XWiki, have configurable look and can be significantly changed using the skin..
    Check out (can’t order them by prettiness, since it can be a matter of taste):
    http://www.xwiki.org (open source project XWiki)
    http://www.xwiki.com (hosting service, color changes)
    http://ceobloggers.xwiki.com (A club, logo + colors are chaing again)
    http://www.agorawiki.org (A political wiki – in french – interface is completely different)
    However, the wiki software itself is exactly the same !