Web 2.0: Mark Cuban

Web 2.0: Mark Cuban

: Mark Cuban is now being interviewed.

At least he admits that the first episode of his show sucked.

Somebody in the audience is going after him for the Mavs. He says he has heard an entire stadium booing while seeing his face on the big screen, but he has never been heckled at an industry conference.

Cuban’s business rule — and explanation of why he went after HDTV — is that he likes “death wars.” My table wonders: What the hell is a death war? And how does it relate to HDTV? And Saddam. (Sorry, I thought I was still watching the debate….)

It remains amazing to me that we are listening — hell, paying to listen — to a guy who made too much money selling a company for too much money to a company that was stupid enough to buy it and then kill it. And he has a TV show, too.

And they make fun of people for being egotistical enough to have a blog.

I understand why the world pays attention to Paris Hilton. I don’t understand why the world pays attention to Mark Cuban.

: Heilemann does a word association. Donald Trump? “Role model for how to fail in business,” says Cuban.

Kobe Bryant: “What an idiot.”

He continues to say that the Bryant case was good for the NBA because the rape story brought game highlights.

: Cory Doctorow stands up to talk HDTV. He says that we all have HDTVs in our laptops. HD tvs, he says, are just dumb laptops that are hard to carry around.

: UPDATE: Jason Calacanis collared me this morning saying he was going to flame me for saying that Cuban said rape was good for the NBA. I looked it up; I said he said the case was good because it brought TV time. Anyway, Cuban did make a point of saying that he did not thing that rape was good for the NBA and so I’ll make that clear. OK?