Issues2004: A hopeful series

Issues2004: A hopeful series

: I’ve been complaining for weeks/months about the mud-slinging that is overtaking coverage of this campaign in all media, from print to TV to, yes, blogs. I’ve been whining that we should be talking about issues.

But, of course, I’ve spent so much time whining that I’ve hardly talked about issues myself. So now I’ll try.

When I did go on about health care in a recent post, I was delighted with the discussion that ensued. No forged documents. No angry assaults. Earnest efforts to discuss a solution to the problem.

So I’ll write my wish list on the issues: health care, homeland security, Iraq, and so on.

But note importantly: I do not pretend to be expert in any of these areas nor to have reported on any of them. That’s just the point: I’m a voter. I want experts and reporters to tear into the candidates’ stands and I want the campaigns to talk about their stands so I can learn more — and so I can join in the debate and, as a whole and in the longrun, so we can pressure candidates on these issues.

My hope in the comments is that you will add their views, from various sides of the prism. I also very much hope that you’ll contribute links to blogs and sites that are covering these issues well. Or maybe nobody will care and they’re just waiting for the next barrage of mud. Free country. Do as you wish.

The first up, above: health care.