Inside Lileks’ head


Inside Lileks’ head

: Just saw Sky Captain and I felt as if I had entered James Lileks’ head (through his ear, after hacking through the hair we middle-aged men grow).

The scenery — all computer-generated — is filled with the things I’ve seen James stop in the middle of sidewalks to gape at. We know he was looking forward to the flick; can’t wait to read the full reaction.

: The flick is a throwbck in so many ways, not just graphical. It takes us back to a time when everyone believed that both soldiers and reporters could save the world.

: But I am tired of movies that warn about the dangers of technology. OK, we know about it already. Spam. Viruses. Bad cell phones. Been there.

: Oh, and the movie’s pretty good. It’s not as thrilling as the reviews let me to believe it would be. But the graphics are great.