Now this is truly sick and disgusting big media

Now this is truly sick and disgusting big media

: Spanish newspaper El Pais runs a truly sick and disgusting and wrong and evil ad showing two skylines of New York — one with and one without the World Trade Center towers — over the headline, “You can do a lot in one single day; just imagine what can happen in three months.”

You’d think that a newspaper would have more sense. Well, I would. Once upon a time.

And you’d think that a newspaper in Spain, victim of a horrid terrorist attack itself, would have more humanity.

They don’t print with ink. They print with slime.

This from Spanish blogger Franco Aleman, via many bloggers.

  • I’ve seen that translated as: “Much can happen in a day, imagine what can happen in a month”
    Its still tasteless but doesn’t appear to be encouraging terrorism nearly as much.

  • Jeff, was there a link to go with this?
    To comment: I’m not actually surprised at all by this from the Spanish media. One thing I’ve enjoyed about newspapers and tv in Europe is that they do show a lot more than our self-censored papers, such as when I was in Madrid during the train bombing and the horrific pictures on the front page brought an immediacy and direct impact that effected me much more than any other pictures I saw in the American media. But other than images, usually the words are sensationalist and subjective. Elsewhere in Europe, I’ve read very good papers, but I’ve found Spain particularly bad for objective newsreading.

  • Tom

    Bret: While it may not be “encouraging” terrorism, there are certain rules in advertising – which is why people play devil’s advocate while picking out artwork, etc. Sure, things slip through the cracks, but they either a>realized what people would react with and did it anyway or b>don’t have a clue.
    The fact of the matter is that you’re comparing the ability of using a publication for three months and getting “a lot” out of it to blowing up a section of a major city in one day. The comparisons are pretty blatantly there.

  • Sandy P

    Jordan, the MSM does that because they don’t want to get the great unwashed upset. They can’t control us then, they want us pacified. We see things like our fellow citizens jumping in groups out of the WTC or the kids in Russia, makes us want to do something, can’t have that.
    We might actually insist on winning and they can’t have that, upset their master plan.
    Like the blogosphere and See-BS

  • Hmmm.. I picked up El Pais almost every day that week, and I did not see that ad. Either way, I’m curious if they will continue that campaign, because you can bet within the marketing dept. lots of people disagreed on this one.
    I’d still like to see it first-hand in the newspaper .

  • wah

    Hmm, seems like a lot of vitriol over a poor translation.
    Check Lewis Black’s latest rant for something to be outraged over.