: Every journalist and every civilized human on earth should be outraged at the murder of Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni at the hands of the slime terrorists of Iraq. Not only is this a terrible crime against Mr. Baldoni, it is sure to chill coverage and freedom of information from war zones, trouble spots, and the Middle East as a whole. How many journalists will see facts and stories for you and me worth risking their lives? How many editors will assign journalists to possible death?

: UPDATE: Some of you probably wondered when I would hit my limit with spiteful, mean, venemous, stupid comments. Well, I just hit it. I closed the comments to this post and banned a bunch of mean fools without lives, hoping they take the hint and take their psychoses elsewhere. Sick people who turn murder into nothing but gunpowder to shoot their bile bullets are not welcome here.


  1. Robert E. Bihlmayer says:

    Jesus, it’s always about the press for you, isn’t it?

  2. Jean-Luc says:

    Enzo Baldoni was also a great blogger too and a great photographer. See the link I sent to Xeni and what Xeni published at http://www.boingboing.net

  3. Jacksback says:

    Just vote for Kerry, Jeff, he’ll protect you. Are you afraid that they’re going to come after Stern? Isn’t that really what is driving you?

  4. shark says:

    How many journalists will see facts and stories for you and me worth risking their lives? How many editors will assign journalists to possible death?
    …how many journalists will see facts and stories and report them objectively, and without bias? How many editors will assign journalists to stories they would rather see supressed, like the Swifties?
    From your link Jeff:
    Baldoni’s family appealed for his release in a message broadcast on 25 August by the Italian public television service Rai Uno. The message, also carried by Al-Jazeera, talked of a “man of peace” and insisted that Baldoni was in Iraq for humanitarian reasons. He had participated in the transport of medicine to Najaf in two convoys operated by the Red Crescent and the Italian Red Cross
    So you can spare the hysterical weeping over the brave and noble journalist, sent to die for us by his editor.
    What a load of sh*t.
    I feel for him and his family on a humanitarian level, but the fact he’s a journalist is supposed to make it some sort of ultra-horrible crime? That I should be extra outraged? Nah. No thanks, there are people with REAL important jobs dying over there that I will be outraged about first. Journalist ranks bottom of the list

  5. onecent says:

    Danny Pearl’s beheading was more outrageous, not that this isn’t. But, then, it’s anyone’s guess what the Islamofascist scum’s body count is by now over the last three decades.
    Just one sniff at what Reagan was all about spelled the release of all of those hostages in Tehran on his Inauguration Day. Kerry’s smarmy exit from Vietnam by playing the Purple Heart forms game, the loathing by his veteran peers, his record of not funding the military and desire to be more “sensitive” to terrorists should make his Inauguration Day one of celebration for terrorist scum. Other than that, I guess everything else about him is ok.

  6. Chris Josephson says:

    Targeting soldiers in a war zone is fair. Targeting anyone else is barbaric.
    Civilians in a war zone will be killed by accident, that’s the nature of war. But to purposely target any civilian is disgusting.
    Unfortunately, this is the sort of barbarity I’ve to to expect from those we are fighting. I feel sorry for normal Iraqis who have had to live with these thugs for decades.

  7. Kat says:

    I kind of blame the leftist media for his death–they keep selling these barbaric animals as nice, friendly militants. This guy swallowed that BS and paid with his life–too late he learned they are nothing more than islamic terrorists,devoid of decency, morals, or respect for life.

  8. Brian says:

    I’m all outraged out. Mostly because of reporters.

  9. Jeff Jarvis says:

    OK, too many of you are just sick.
    Someone is killed and you turn it into your chance to spit.
    Grow up. Join the human race.
    Robert E. Bihlmayer: It’s about a human being. Do you have no heart?
    Jacksback: Is murder just a punchline to you, just a chance for Howard Stern snark?
    Shark: Just leave, please. You need help and I’m plum out of meds.
    Onecent: What the hell are you saying?
    Kat: I guess you probably blame sunset on evil reporters.
    Brian: Well, by extension, then, you say it’s ok to murder reporters because you don’t like them.
    ENOUGH. I’ve really had it with this crap tonight. ENOUGH. I’m closing the comments on this post because I don’t want to hear anymore of this uncivilized crap. Go somewhere else to be psychotic and mean and sick. I want nothing of it. If you have something useful or civilized to say, wonderful. But letting you spew this bile and venom does nothing but make the world an uglier place: You and your ugly emotions do that.
    And, yes, I just banned all the people listed above and I’m quite happy if they never return.